Venice Holiday – Day Four

Day Four of our trip to the Eurocamp at Ca’Savio, Venice, started off bright and warm. Yesterday’s wind had gone.

We have a quick start to the day on holiday. It’s not possible when you’ve got kids aged 3, 4, 13 and 18. The younger ones want to do anything other than eat / get ready, while the older ones find it difficult to get out of bed at all. I was thinking of using a water hose to spray them out of bed but the water pressure is quite low here.

Much of our party went for a trip to Venice today. This involves a twenty minute walk to a bus stop, a seven minute bus journey then a 35 minute boat trip which drops you off next to St Mark’s Square. We’ll be making this trip on Thursday.


There’s a lot of walking to be done in Ca’Savio, but that’s cool. From where we are, it’s five minutes to a restaurant in one direction, and another couple of minutes after that to the beach. In the other direction, the pools & restaurant / bar are about 3 minutes away. The shop is about ten minutes, and reception, pools, play areas for young ones & entertainment area are a couple of minutes on from there.

The cabins, tents and caravans are mostly shaded by a canopy of tall, thin fir trees. The forest paths to the main road is quite stony. It can be a bit of a tired day for young legs walking around, so we were happy to see that trailers are available for hire at Ca’ Savio, as are bikes.


The trailer we got was big enough for both Eve and Jenny. The charge of a €20 deposit plus €4 a day was really cheap and worth it.


We loaded up for the beach, stuck the kids in the trailer and set off. It was a glorious day and the beach was a little busier, but we managed to find a space easily and set up base.

Almost immediately, an elderly German gentleman laid his beach towel between us and the sea and lay with his speedo’d crotch aimed towards us. Not the best view I’ve ever had but I tried my best to avoid it’s gaze.
The beach had loads of people trying to sell things to us. Beach shawls, kites, sunglasses and lots more. Two sellers in particular are worthy of note.

First is ‘coco’ man. Before even opened his mouth, he was noteworthy. Multi-coloured clothes, a vest top rolled up to bare his belly and a large plastic bucket filled with coconut, fruit kebabs and ice. He wandered around shouting ‘co-co’ at people. I was filming a pirate boat coming in to shore and he kept wandering into shot to shout ‘co-co’ at anyone who’d listen, and a few others who wouldn’t.

The second seller crossed the line. She had a collection of beads and laces and was asking us if we wanted our children’s hair braided. I said no, we didn’t. She persisted. I repeated that we weren’t interested. Rather than accept this and move on, she started talking to our four year old directly to ask if she wanted her hair braided. Even though Jenny said no, this woman sat down in front of hair and started getting out the colourful hair extensions. She got Jenny to nod and set about engaging her as to what she wanted from the folder of pictures she had. It was really uncomfortable having your wishes ignored and then have a stranger talk to your little girl directly. I therefore felt no guilt whatsoever at telling this woman ‘no’ in far stronger terms.

The beach, as I’ve said before, is incredible. The sand is perfect for making castles, the water is beautifully warm and goes out for miles without getting too deep. It’s perfection.


After watching a pirate ship try to do a three-point turn on the beach and get stuck in the sand, we left to go find some lunch.


The food available from the restaurants is pretty limited. It’s basically pizzas or something fried with chips. If you want, you can combine the two and get a pizza topped with chips. We declined.

The children refused to go for a siesta. This was a shame because we had intended to let them go to the children’s disco later on. Without a nap, there’s no way they would have lasted that long. Maybe tomorrow.

We went to a different set of pools with another pirate ship complete with water slide and sprays. The children had a magical time. All parts of the pool were shallow enough that the girls could stand up and they were well above the water. Very safe. Both the pools and the sea have constant lifeguard supervision who ruled with an iron fist. It was very reasssuring.


As some of the family were returning after a long day in Venice, we prepared dinner for their arrival.
A couple of Germans played badminton uncomfortably close to our balcony. It was odd that they had chosen to be so close to our cabin when there was plenty of other space, but I supped on my beer and tried to ignore their infringement of my personal bubble. A handful of Irish kids repeatedly kicked their footballs underneath our decking, which I had to retrieve. Kids will be kids…

The cooking facilities are snug but impressive. A gas hob / oven, a microwave, cafetiere, loads of crockery / cutlery / glassware & a full size fridge / freezer. The cabin also has a shower room, card-powered air conditioning unit, large decking area and no television. There’s wifi in selected areas which, unfortunately, does not extend to the cabin itself. The wildlife visible from the cabin includes large, brave pigeons, squirrels and an impressively large selection of bugs and beasties.

Blinds in our cabin are still not working though.

We ate, drank, popped the kids to bed and retired ourselves shortly after. A covers band seemed to be playing somewhere close by but that stopped shortly after 11pm.

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  1. Rosemary Szuster
    4 July 2016

    It was good of you to make dinner for the tired Venice returners.

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