First Day at School

Last year, Jenny started school. This year, it’s Eve’s turn.

Eve is a different kettle of fish to her big sister. Whereas Jenny is outgoing and confident, Eve is the shy one who doesn’t like too much attention.Luckily, she knows some of the children who will be in her class. She will still be quite quiet with them, but it’s infinitely better than walking into a room full of strangers.

Starting School

She will enjoy the artistic tasks. In the house, she’s done loads of paintings and sketches and, more important than being good at it, she enjoys it. Recently, she’s shown more of an appetite for learning to read out letters. This will serve her well, as will her enjoying to count and add.

I’m sure she’ll be fine academically. Her biggest task will definitely be managing any anxiety she feels.

Good luck, wee one!

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