Following on from my Jan to June update, here’s the best of the rest of the posts from 2016.

It was a good year! Trips all over the place and some reflections from myself. Plus, some utter nonsense.

Our Trip to Venice


A week long trip to Camping Ca’Savio on the Adriatic was great fun. One of the highlights was a day trip my wife and I took into Venice. An amazing day!

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New Lanark World Heritage Site

New Lanark

Closer to home, a trip to the New Lanark World Heritage Centre was a great day out in a stunning centre.

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Protecting Kids Who Want To Play

Protecting Kids

A couple of incidents involving my girl’s at kid’s soft play areas prompted this post. How do we balance the kids desire to play with our need to protect them?

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Shame! That’s How I’ll Lose My Dad Belly!

I won’t post that picture of my belly again. I’ve already done it once today in another blog post! Suffice to say, I thought I could shame myself into losing weight by posting a picture of my paunch. Did it work? Read and find out!

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Jenny’s First Month in School


Jenny started Primary School this year. I wrote a post about how she was doing one month in….

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St Monan's Holiday Park

I wrote two camping posts in October. One in anticipation of the trip, and one following the trip, which didn’t go to plan at all!

How I Used The Same Razor For 8 Months

I saved quite a bit of money by storing my razors a special way. Read about it!

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My First (And Last) Flying Lesson

Flying Lesson

I went for a flying lesson in a Cessna 152. It was a heck of an experience….

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How I Plan To Enjoy Christmas With A Dad Belly

Enjoy Christmas

I decided not to compromise on Christmas treats, and to defer my health kick until January. This post documents why!

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A Beginner’s Video Guide to Whisky

It can be a confusing world, the world of Whisky. This guide, with some brilliant videos, made it all a bit simpler.

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Is Lethal Weapon a Christmas Movie?

Lethal Weapon

The biggest question of the year, for sure. 😉 There were mixed opinions, but I believe I put forward a good argument!

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I hope you enjoyed these and that you stick around for more of the same nonsense in 2017!