2017’s Top Telly So Far

2017 telly has kicked off with some incredible stuff.

It’s not unusual for New Year to produce some top quality programmes. Early 2016, for example, brought us the Sherlock special, War & Peace and The Night Manager.

This year has, if possible, improved upon last year’s output. I’m thinking in particular of three series which have left me stunned.


Only two episodes in and I’m drawn back into the world of Hardy & Miller. The first third of the opening episode was a gritty, intense, & enthralling set-up for the series to follow. I could watch David Tennent and Olivia Colman’s characters talk to each other all day.

The music of Olafur Arnalds rounded off the delivery and ITV’s greatest show in a generation was back on course. Dark brilliance.


Another dark, dirty, intense spectacle was led by Tom Hardy and a supporting cast of modern-day acting ne-erdowell legends [Jonathon Pryce, Oona Chaplin, Stephen Graham, David Hayman, Franka Potente, Michael Kelly, Tom Hollander, Mark Gatiss ]. It’s a sure sign of a true spectacle that the closing credits make you realise you’ve been holding your breath for quite a while.

Hardy v the Crown v the East India Trading Company, all while dealing with his own demons, past & dysfunctional family made for a tremendous series. I’m happy to read that they are looking at a second series.


Series two has started off the way Series one started. ie.Wonderous, grotesque, atmospheric and intense. While series one had a significant drop in quality towards the end (who kills off Stanley Tucci? Honestly….), series two is running strong so far.

Again, the music is tremendous and the story drops bombs like the blitz. Let’s hope that the quality stays high to the end of the series and doesn’t suffer a close season dip like series one.

I should give a nod to Sherlock, which entertained but was simply not of the quality that we’ve come to expect. Also, The Replacement was sturdy BBC drama / tension fodder.

What has been your top tv of 2017 so far?



  1. Rachel Craig
    30 March 2017

    TABOO, started watching it, then it seemed fiancé became more drawn in and eager to follow series than myself. Dark, and well portrayed.

  2. 17 April 2017

    Taboo looks great. My wife has a hard on for Tom Hardy too!

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