You may not have heard of Bauer Media themselves, but you will have heard of at least a handful of their brands. They have almost 90 tv stations, radio stations and magazines ranging from Absolute Radio to Zoo magazine. They also run some outstanding competitions, which I’m going to guide you through today.

So, what’s so good about their competitions? Well, firstly, they exist! Unlike some websites that have pages and pages of competitions but seem to never have any winners, these ones have genuine winners, and I’m speaking from experience!

Their prizes range from a £30/40 value movie promo pack to tech and trips away that are worth £600-£700. Good stuff. They also allow daily entries – the more you put in, the higher your chances of winning. They also run their comps over several websites, so you can also get multiple entries per day. If you’re organised enough with daily entry competitions, then this is for you.

The best starting place for Bauer Media competitions is their website, Win Something. At the time of writing, they have 23 pages of competitions with around 7 competitions per page.

Win Something


Hover over the competition you want to enter, and it’ll tell you the prize value and closing date. Click into the competition and you’ll get the entry page. Don’t enter just yet!

Win Something


Firstly, bookmark the page. Then, click on the Official Rules link (circled in red).


Within the rules page is a list of all other Bauer Media websites that are running that same competition. You’re allowed one entry per day on every website. At this point, open each of the links and bookmark them. A good way to manage all these bookmarks is to have a folder called ‘Daily’ and put them all in there. You may even wish to have a sub-folder in there called ‘Bauer’ and put them in there.

Most browsers allow you to sort bookmarks by alphabetical order. It keeps things tidy for OCD folk like me. Browser-wise, I prefer Firefox, simple because it allows you to open up bookmarks in a side-bar, which makes going through daily competitions MUCH easier.

Get your bookmarks organised, get your daily comping on and GOOD LUCK!

Edit – here’s a link to the Bauer Media sites I found, but I bet there’s more….