Advantages of a Blog Holiday

I’ve taken a blogging break and it’s been awesome.

The last few weeks has seen a bit of downtime at Looking for the Postman. Things wound down a while, and it was by design.

Being a blogger can be a bit full on sometimes. There’s the constant brain-ticking of new ideas for content, keeping up with correspondence, sorting out deals for partnership features, images to source, and then the promotional work across the various social networks.

We’re also coming up to one of the busiest times of the year for bloggers. The Christmas rush has started already for bloggers. Our inboxes are overloaded with seasonal products wanting to get a bit of blog-space.

So, I decided in advance to have a couple of weeks away from the website and to clear my brain and recharge my blogging brains in anticipation of the rush. This coincided with a family wedding, a very busy period at work and some more of those brewery plans, so it all came at the right time.

Cos you can’t beat a good rest.


As a blogger, you don’t normally stop, ever. You blog while on holiday, so that isn’t time off. You really need to make the effort to switch that part of your brain off.

I’d recommend a rest from blogging for all bloggers to refresh yourself. I’ve got a renewed enthusiasm, and lots of new content all ready to go.

Bloggers! Give yourself a break!

Cat photo by Paul on Unsplash


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