Ask the Cosmos for a Win!

At the start of the year, I wrote a post listing the prizes that I wanted to win in 2015. It was inspired by SuperLucky Di who suggested it as a must-do activity for compers.

Shortly after the post, I started winning things on the list. I mentioned that I’d like gift cards as a prize because I liked the idea of filling a virtual shopping basket with goodies. Sure enough, I won:

– £100 card for River Island

– £100 One4All card

– £50 Sainsburys Vouchers

– £250 Virgin Experience Vouchers

This spooked me.

I’ve since learned that there is a term for asking the universe for things. This phenomena is known as “cosmic ordering”. You yell your wants / needs / desires to the great beyond and it delivers. Wow.

With this in mind, I’m going to engage in some Cosmic Re-ordering and push the limits of my wish list. Here, then, is my updated Cosmic Shopping List for 2015:

New Mobiles

What a boring thing to start with. It was on the original list, but the universe has failed to deliver on this so far. Maybe I didn’t yell loud enough, which, ironically, is something I have to do with my current phone. [Note to self – never buy S*ms*ng again. Any phone that is compromised by condensation should not be for sale.] If we’re being specific, cosmos, then I quite fancy an LG G3. Mrs Postman just wants something that doesn’t freeze every couple of seconds.

A Live Horse

I’ve given horse competitions a rough time. It’s time for me to open my mind and give horses a try, so to speak. I’ve suggested before that a live horse should be given away in a competition. This time I’m taking a further step and stating that I hope that I win said competition. What’s the odds? Neigh chance. Guffaw.

A Tree House Holiday

These things look brilliant. Clearly created by someone with too much money and surrounded by people too scared to say ‘No’, these death-traps disguised as holiday cottages are too good to be avoided. I don’t know what prompted some crazy millionaire to remark “this lodge is too close to the ground. Stick it in that tree” but I thank him for it.

Beautifully photographed, these holidays always look perfect. There’s never a hint of a grey cloud and everyone’s always smiling (even the teenagers) in the website pictures. Clearly, there’s some sort of sorcery at work and for all of the above reasons, I’m adding these forest breaks to my list.

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Have you seen these things? Like some sort of creepy, ash-tray shaped womble, it scuttles round your house unseen, collecting your dust and storing it in it’s belly. Designed to simultaneously trip up any day-dreaming elderly relatives while preventing your cat of any meaningful rest, it helps with one of the most boring tasks ever put upon us : vacuuming. I’m not sure how it will handle the carpet on the stairs though. Universe – I WANT ONE.

That’s enough about me. Now that I have the attention of the Cosmos, why not take advantage and post your dream prize in the comments below. Remember, if you don’t ask, you won’t get!


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