Beer 52 in 2020

Beer 52 are practically a household name in the beer subscription market.

They’ve nailed the promo side of things, with free boxes for friends and suchlike. But I don’t believe that’s the sole reason they’re so popular. I think it’s this – the Craft Beer discovery club.

The monthly Craft Beer discovery club. It’s a box of beers sent out monthly to subscribers. The word ‘discovery’ implies that they’ve gone on a trek to bring you previously unknown wonders, and that isn’t a bad description.

The most recent box contained ten beers from Virginia USA.

Now, while I have a friend who hails from Virginia, I know nothing about it. But, through this box, I know now at least one thing – they love strong beer.

As usual, the box contains a good variety of beers. It ranged from Belgian style spicy beers to a lovely couple of bottles of porter and stout. In between were some solid, delicious IPA and blonde beer.

As well as being a quality range of beers, they were bloody photogenic. Look at those cheeky poseurs!

Beer 52 aren’t as cheap as the cheap beers in the shop, true. But what you get isn’t cheap beer from the shop. You are taken on a voyage of discovery, as promised, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything they’ve ever sent me.

You also get Beer 52’s own Ferment magazine and a bar snack to keep your brews company.

Whether you want some quality beer delivered to your door because the pubs are shut, or you want to try out some previously unknown beer, or if you’re looking for a present for a beer drinker, this is a great gift.

This post was originally on A Man Called Grant.

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