I got a message from my wife when I was at work last week. It went along the lines of “I’ve bought a tent for us all and booked a campsite for October week”. Camping with kids. This is new.

Camping with KidsOne could react to this information in a number of ways. Me? I was delighted. I grew up with camping holidays.

When I was a kid, my grandfather had a hotel in Braemar, officially the UK’s coldest village. We camped in the back garden while my parents stayed indoors! I remember waking up in the morning and having to knock away the ice that had formed on the tent overnight.

We also learned the hard way that you shouldn’t really pitch your tent underneath a tree. See, if it rains for an hour, and you’re under a tree, the raindrops drip down for another hour after the rain has stopped. Noisy and wet.

For me, camping as an adult has been restricted to my DJ stints at T in the Park. It was great camping right next to the artist village. Free food, coffee, drink, fresh towels, hot showers and the main stage were but 30 seconds walk away.

Honestly, it was luxury compared to what the average festival goer’s camping experience would have been that weekend.

Camping As A Parent

So I haven’t ever been been camping with kids before. It’s a different ball game. The concerns are different. The things you look forward to are different.

It’s going to be a massive adventure for the girls. They’re never done anything like this before. The closest they’ve been to camping is playing with a Princess Tent in the living room. I imagine that being outside in Fife in October is going to be quite different.

For us adults, I like the idea of having a bottle of wine on camp seats outside the tent at night! Yup, it’s always booze related.

So, before we go, I have a number of things to deal with. I have to set up the tent somewhere to make sure there’s nothing missing. We don’t have anywhere big enough to set up the tent. Where will I check it? I suppose the train station car park is spacious enough but I won’t be able to hammer the tent pegs into the tarmac. There’s too much glass and dog mess in the park plus that would be just weird, putting up a tent next to where all the local kids play. I’d be rightly arrested.

This video was handy. In fact, it’s a brilliant sign of the times. I know exactly what to expect now, and how to deal with it. (It’s funny that a holiday which is about going back to basics is being made a lot easier by Youtube & the internet!)

I showed the girls this video. They asked where the bathroom was. I think they’re in for a character building experience!

East Fife is a lovely area. We went for a family holiday to Crail at Easter and stayed in a beautiful cottage. The girls have been asking if we can go back for a long time. I’m sure we’re going to have an amazing time, as long as it stays dry.

Wish us luck!