It looks good, doesn’t it? These pictures are from the St Monan’s Holiday Park Website.

We booked it for the first night of our two night  camping trip to East Fife based on these images.  The map showed that there were only two pitches for tents, but we were close to the coastal path and it appeared to have good facilities.

St Monan's Holiday Park

We arrived at St Monan’s Holiday Park, skies greying, after a long trip across from the west coast. I had a family size tent which I was putting up for the first time. As we parked up, things didn’t seem so picturesque.

Public Gravel Path

Rather than being in beautiful, coastal Fife, we were at the edge of a housing estate and a football pitch. More worrying was the public footpath which was literally right behind our tent space. Compare the map above with the one below.

St Monan's Holiday Park

When I was putting the tent up, I assumed the path was just for people in St Monan’s Holiday Park. I was wrong. After a couple of buses stopped right behind our tent pitch, locals were using the path to get to their house. Here are a couple of pictures which show just how close our tent was to the path.

St Monan's Holiday Park

St Monan's Holiday Park

This was a worry. My daughters are 4 and 5 and anyone could be walking within feet of where they were sleeping.

When they went to bed, every gravel crunch from people passing was putting us on edge. Emma had taken the girls to the shower / toilet block to get them ready for bed. She said the ladies’ block was warm and clean.

We heard some noises. Kids. A bunch of them, which was to be expected. St Monan’s Holiday Park does cater for families. When I went out to the block, however, the kids weren’t residents of the park. It was a gang of local kids, trying to get into the toilet block and peer through the windows. A warden did come by and they briefly left, but came back shortly after to cycle around the toilet block and park. You can’t blame them for thinking it was okay to do this as there was no clear distinction between the back of their houses, the football park and St Monan’s Holiday Park.

The weather that night was horrendous. Emma didn’t sleep at all because of the noise and the worry of the path. The kids were awake at 1am and 4am because of the storm and the rain on the tent. We saw the humour in the situation but equally we made the decision, considering all factors, to cut the holiday short and head home to be in our warm beds the next night.

Anstruther and Crail

We did have time to visit Anstruther though. Again, WINDY!

St Monan's Holiday Park

We also visited the world famous Anstruther chippy for respite from the stormy winds and to sample their delicious food. They also supplied the relatively local Eden Mill beer which helped to alleviate the stress!

St Monan's Holiday Park

A quick visit to Crail saw us wander onto the beach for a moment before realising that the tide was coming in at top speed. Headlines of ‘Families Swept Away on the Beach’ flashed before my eyes.


We will return to East Fife. It’s too beautiful to avoid because of one bad experience. We’ll just be sure to do some more homework about the Holiday Parks and perhaps not just rely on the images and maps provided by their websites!