Chase Rhubarb Vodka – Review

I first encountered the Chase Distillery when we received Tipple Box’s beautiful gin box back in June.

A combination of crisp, extra dry and orange gins created a wonderful first impression of the Hereford distillery’s brands. So when I received an email asking “which product would you like to review?”, it left me grinning like the proverbial kid with the keys to the sweet shop.

It was a tough decision between the elderflower liqueur and the rhubarb vodka. I left the decision to Chase, and the rhubarb won the day.

Chase Distillery’s Rhubard Vodka

Rhubarb Vodka

I remember the fashion for flavoured vodkas in the mid-late 90s. Vodka bars opened everywhere, with shelves full of vodka bottles with cola cubes and other sweets in them. It progressed into an industry, but the flavours were never that experimental and didn’t really vary from brand to brand.

It’s therefore refreshing to see that Chase have gone a little further than the norm and brought Rhubarb Vodka to the market. (Their imaginations have also brought us Seville Orange Marmalade Vodka and English Oak Smoked Vodka. Sounds delicious!)

Chase filter the vodka four times before adding macerated fresh rhubarb and filtering to leave a delicate pink colour. The result is a unique and beautiful spirit which smells and tastes of, well, rhubard.  Not an artificial taste either, but a fresh, fruity taste. There’s a slight pepper aftertaste which balances well with the sweetness.

Rhubarb Vodka

Drink it with lemonade, or mix it with some Prosecco or Champagne for a refreshing tipple! I’d also add it to cocktails that usually use vodka for a nice fruity twist.

It’s a great addition to a drink collection or cocktail cabinet. It’s 40%abv and a 70cl bottle will cost around £32 from all good boozy shops.

Read more about Chase’s Rhubarb Vodka here, and follow Chase on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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