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The UK-based A Child Unheard Foundation (ACU), has decided to sponsor eight-year-old Jude Anum, who told his heartwarming story about enduring life in poverty-stricken Ayenyah (Ghana) via an impromptu video produced by the Foundation, and his dream of attending high-school in order to pursue his dream of becoming doctor.

It all began when Jude was asked about his Christmas wishes this past holiday season, along with other children from his junior school, to which he responded, “I’ve never received a Christmas present … I don’t think I deserve one … or maybe I am just not lucky.”  He continues with “I want to be a Doctor this Christmas.”

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are too many poverty-stricken children living in deplorable conditions around the globe, primarily in what is commonly referred to as “third-world nations.” While there have been plenty of charities and Organisations that have come and gone over the years striving to improve these conditions – and the lives of the people and children inhabiting these areas – the ACU Foundation is aiming to make serious strides in their efforts, particularly through the eight-year-old boy, Jude, from Ghana.  The Foundation have sponsored the child with a grant to pay for his higher education, to help pursue his aspirations.

Awestruck by his answer, as well as his explanation regarding his dream of becoming a physician in the future, ACU decided to make an appeal film about Jude to raise more money and ultimately sponsor the next child with their further education, with the appeal raising over £1000 on the JustGiving charity platform, on their way to the £5000 target.

With Jude hoping to continue his education – as he travels on his path towards realising his dream – everyone involved in the project was ecstatic about this remarkable youngster’s aspirations, their emotions stirred by his heartfelt answer regarding Christmas in his part of the world.

“For most of us over here (Ghana), presents like toys are not at the top of our list, instead, we want to improve our health and our education” concludes Jude. “When we all dream big, we can all win.”

To donate or to help raise awareness, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/achildunheard/givejudechristmas.

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