Choosing Glasses for a 5 Year Old

A couple of weeks back, our youngest, Eve, made a comment about things looking “a bit fuzzy”.

We thought that we’d better take this seriously and see how things were over the following days.

When she kept mentioning that things were blurry, and not just when she was tired, we booked her in for an appointment with the opticians.

The opticians were obviously used to dealing with young children and put our usually shy daughter at ease. Even the eye drops went in without any drama.

They examined her eyes and put her through the sight tests. She seemed to be doing really well, making us think that her eyes were actually okay. It was therefore a bit of a shock when we were told that yes, she did need glasses.


Eve really enjoyed the glasses selection process. We learned that she would get two pairs for free from the NHS, both with cases. Her main pair would be covered by free insurance and replaced if damaged. The second, spare pair would not be. She chose a purple pair as her main glasses and an emoji pair as her back up.

A week later, we went back to collect the glasses. All throughout the week, Eve had been very excited about getting her specs, literally counting down the days. The staff were brilliant, talking directly to an unusually responsive Eve, and explaining how to put her new glasses on and how to care for them.

She was also given two hard cases for her glasses, and cleaning cloths, all for free.


I had worries that she would perhaps be self-conscious about wearing her glasses but she was very excited to show her friends. A fellow parent at school was telling me about his daughter who’d been wearing glasses since she was two. He said that there was perhaps 1 day out of 5 when his daughter still had her glasses on when she came out of school! Eve had the opposite issue. She doesn’t ever want to take them off!

The only downside is that Eve’s sister is so keen on the glasses that she’s started suggesting that maybe her eyes are getting a bit fuzzy too, but only while she’s wearing that sneaky smile she has when she’s telling little white lies!

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  1. Janis
    1 March 2018

    You can’t go wrong with purple glasses. All the best people have them!

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