Am I the last person on the planet to know about cruise control?!

We have a Ford C-Max. It’s a great car for a big family. It’s the first diesel car I’ve ever had and it’s also the first automatic car I’ve ever had.

Cruise Control Seriously, after driving an automatic, I don’t understand why anyone drives a manual. It takes a couple of days to adjust, but once you’re past that initial hurdle, it’s a dream come true.

But cruise control? I knew of the term cruise control but I never picked up on the feature being in the C-Max, or really knowing what it meant.

Last week, I was driving along when I noticed the cruise control switch on the steering wheel. Three years we’ve had this car and I never picked up on it before. I pressed it, selected a speed, confirmed with a button press and then, just like that, the car took over the control of the acceleration for me.

Mind, as they say, blown!

And that’s what cruise control is. The car will keep your car purring along at a designated speed. I was coming up to a part of the motorway where the speed was restricted to 50mph and there were average speed cameras. No problem! I put the cruise control on at 50 and it took all the anxiety about speeding from me. Brilliant!

Later on, again on a motorway, I was at 70mph and put the cruise control on. What struck me was the amount of people who continued to overtake me at a much faster speed. I know that very few people stick to 70 on a motorway, but when you set the speed to a specific amount using cruise control, it really makes it clear.

If you do long journeys then it’s great. You can say goodbye to foot cramp or achy legs. It’s important to still be really alert. You are still in control of the vehicle. It just makes driving long distances much easier.

You probably already know about all of this, but, just in case you don’t, check it out! It was a very pleasant and welcome surprise!