#Dadbelly Update. Lost a Stone

At the end of January, I tried something new in my attempts to shift the #Dadbelly. It worked.

My ‘before’ picture*. Sorry if you see this while you’re eating.

It was @DadFit who made the comment to me that 70% of losing belly weight would be in the kitchen. That got me thinking, and reading, about the sort of foods I’d been eating.

My usual breakfast was toast or cereal. That never filled me up, however, so I’d find myself reaching for something to eat as early as 9.30 – 10am. I was known amongst my work colleagues as eating my packed lunch at 10.30 am, just because I was that hungry. Lunch was always a sandwich. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to also eat a couple of packets of crisps a day.

Clearly, that was not compatible with a healthy lifestyle, or a desire to lose weight. So I drastically changed.

Diet Changes

First up was a change to breakfast. I switched to porridge.

Porridge is a filling, low GI food. What the hell does that mean? Well, it means that it has a lot of energy in it, but it releases it over a longer period of time. Because it’s slower and giving out it’s energy, it keeps you filled for longer.

It’s also easy to add stuff to porridge. It can be sweetened with a little honey. I add banana or blueberries to it as well. When I switched, I instantly lost the desire to munch on food during the morning. My #Dadbelly was full until lunch time.

Lunches are now a protein and a salad. The protein is normally chicken, but I’ve also had prawns, buts, tofu and halloumi. All delicious.

The salad isn’t just leaves. You can mix it up with quinoa, black rice, pine nuts and dressings.

Dressings! I’ve become a dressing fanatic. Mango, avocado, soy sauce. Anything goes.

Cheerio Carbs. A Bit.

I’ve practically cut out carbs from my breakfast and lunch. No crisps, no bread, nothing with dough or pastry, and very little with flour in it. I still get all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I need. Probably more. I have just cut out the stodge.

And the effect? I’ve lost a stone in four weeks. My BMI has shifted to the top end of healthy. My #Dadbelly is shrinking in size and I’m feeling very healthy.

My dinners have always been pretty healthy. They were never the problem. It was what I ate during the day that thwarted my attempts to be fit. I am obviously still very careful, but I don’t have to worry so much.

Food is just one part of it. I’m still to do the level of exercise that I need to. I’m aiming for half an hour of exercise during the day and either exercise biking it or something else in the house on an evening. I’m working up to the level when I can start the HIIT stuff. I’ll get there.

So, step one is done and the results are encouraging. The diet is sorted. Now to get buff 🙂

*I’m not ready to post an ‘after’ picture yet because I’m still in the middle of this process. Soon. Soon….

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  1. Tadej
    18 April 2018

    It is not hard to lose weight and sustain a healthy weight if we decide on what we want.

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