debbie & andrews Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas.

Until recently, although I’d heard of debbie & andrew’s sausages, I hadn’t tried them out.

So when they reached out to see if we’d like to try them, I was curious. Our youngest, Eve, doesn’t like meat and isn’t keen on chicken either, but she does like sausages! They all also love chipolatas & mini sausages.

There’s the rub. You can get quality butchers sausages, but that quality really isn’t easy to find in kid’s sausages / chipolatas. That’s why the debbie & andrew’s email made me think.


What they sent through was debbie & andrews reduced fat and salt Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas. From their websiteBig on taste but reduced in fat and salt, these perfect little chipolatas are bulging with the best British pork, lightly seasoned to be simply scrumptious.

The chilled pack arrived, with a generous 12 sausages in a pack. You could see the herbs mixed in with the 100% British farmed pork. They certainly looked fresh enough. While they looked good, the real test would be in the eating!


We took the opportunity of having Breakfast-for-Dinner to eat these. It’s one way to eat them. The debbie & andrew’s website has loads of recipes for their sausages to inspire.

You’ll probably already know that butcher’s sausages cut and taste different to cheaper ones. They’re firmer – less watery. These are no exception. They’re a good size for kids. Eve had three, although one disappeared before I had a chance to take a picture of it!

I enjoyed them, as did the little ones. You could taste the quality within it. They crisped up nicely and cut really easily. The herbs added a lovely warmth without being too strong for the kid’s palettes. I was happy that there were three left over that I had for my breakfast the next morning!

For those with more restrictive diets, the fact that they are gluten & wheat free and also dairy free is a great help.

debbie & andrew’s are available from most major supermarkets – there’s a full list of stockists here.

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