Do This For When Your Child Grows Up

Advances in technology have made being a parent even more awesome.

When I was a kid, you had a roll of film, or maybe two, for your summer holiday. If you went all out for the expensive choice then that meant 36 photos per roll.

Nowadays, the average phone has the storage space for the equivalent of a couple of hundred rolls of film worth of pictures. It’s instant too. None of this waiting for Boots to process your pics, waiting to find out that 90% of them are blurred or that you had your thumb over the lens.

Gadgets and the internet have inspired me to do a couple of things that I think will amuse and entertain my child when they are a lot older. I think they’ll also find it quite moving. Read on, and tell me what you think.

Idea #1 – An email address for your child

Not long after my youngest daughters were born, I set up email addresses for them. Then, I started to email them.

I’ve sent them photos of special days with a note about what they did, or what happened, at the time that the photos were taken. I’ve also just written to them sometimes to tell them about something that happened.

It’s a constant record of their childhood. When they reach 16, I’ll give them the email address & password and let them look through it. It’s the modern day equivalent of a photo album, but so much more. They’ll have a narration of their life with your voice, which will be a truly amazing gift.

Idea #2 – A video from your child to themselves

From the age of about five onwards, I’ve been getting my kids to record messages to future versions of themselves. Specifically, a message for themselves on their 16th birthday.

I asked my son Jack to do this 10 years ago. I have this cute video of him talking about how much he loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

If you keep doing this throughout the years, then you can see how they change, and how their picture of the world and their future plans change. Then, when their 16th birthday (or whenever) arrives, you can edit it all together for a touching montage.

These are just two things that I’ve started to do, but I’m sure there’s other examples of ways in which tech has made it so we can create a wonderful record of our kid’s childhoods. Do you have any other similar ideas you’d like to share?


  1. Kayleigh Watkins
    23 July 2017

    They are lovely ideas, I think I’ll set up email addresses for my three children xx

  2. Rachel Craig
    24 July 2017

    Great ideas, as happy memories are real treasure. I have known people in the past making albums of photos, or scrapbooks ( can add comments, etc) for their child for 18th Birthday.

    I wonder how technology will advance in regards to us storing memories, memorabilia, etc.

    Something which maybe should / could be done for a variety of loved ones :- Parents for an Anniversary. Grandparents for Christmas, etc, etc.

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