Enter Facebook Comps Without Annoying Your Friends

At the risk of stating the obvious, I love entering competitions. You spend some time pottering around on your computer, and in return, you occasionally have a prize drop through your letterbox. What’s not to like?

Well, there is something that makes me stop in my tracks. It’s that dreaded request – Share this on Facebook. Uh-oh. Do all my friends really want to be subjected to a long stream of competition status updates on their Facebook feed? No, of course they don’t. Some might be interested in comps, but not all of them.

There is a way around this. Facebook offers you the option to create special lists of friends, and then post updates that only those people can see. First off, visit this page:


You’ll see the following box.

Step-002Click on ‘create list’. This box will come up. Choose a name for the list, then enter the names of the people you’d like to include on this list.


The click the create button. That’s it! Now, how to use this list. Let’s look again at the status update box.


There’s a box next to the Post button which says ‘Public’. That tells Facebook who you want as the audience for your post. There’s a little arrow to the right of it. Click on that.

Step-005 Step-006

From the dropdown, select More Options. Scroll down and you will see your newly created group. Just select it, and your post will only be visible to those on the list.

So, how does that help with competition? Well, let’s take a website like Good To Know competitions. After you’ve entered the competition, you get an option to get an extra entry if you share the competition.


If you click on the Facebook share button, a box pops up.


There’s that globe with the drop down again. Click on the arrow next to it.


And there it is – your list of friend who won’t alienate you for sharing competitions (you hope!).

Be careful which competitions you use this on though – their terms and conditions may demand that you share the competition publicly, in which case the above won’t be any use.

Hopefully, though, this guide will be of some use in preserving some friendships. If I can prevent just one comper from losing a loved one, then this would all have been worthwhile…. 😀

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