I Have A Back Knobber

I’ve had shoulder / neck / back problems for a few years now.

There’s no cure for it. It’s all about managing yourself to minimise situations that can lead to pain. ie good posture, rearranging your working environment, a good chair, exercises, relaxing.

The Gallant resistance bands I received from Tena are brilliant for shoulder exercises. Such exercises will help keep the affected muscles in good condition. This will make it less likely that any bad posture will create those horrible little knots and toxins that mess me up.

Even with management, however, you can still end up with days where it just bloody hurts. Maybe you’ve rolled into bad position during the night, or your discipline has wavered and you’ve slouched at work. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to fix the big knots in your shoulder.

A shoulder is a difficult place to treat by yourself. You can’t reach back because you’ll be using the very muscles that you need to treat. I heard of advice involving rolling a tennis ball against the wall with your back, but the fact is that it’s just not intense enough to work out those knots.

A brilliant BUPA physio that I was once referred to recommended a back knobber. Yup, that’s the real name for it. I cautiously googled it, afraid of what might come up. Turns out it was legitimate. It’s a dense, S shaped piece of plastic (actually two pieces fit together) which you can use to work out those shoulder knots yourself.

Back KnobberMy old physio told me that the best way to use it was to find the knot, work on it for a while, and then hold it as hard as you could. The pain would rise, but after 20 seconds or so, it would numb out. As long as you were on the right spot, it would help break the knot up. Like any deep physiotherapy on damaged muscle, it does feel sore afterwards, but that just means that it worked. That fresh blood is coming in to take away the nasties, and repair the part of the muscle that it couldn’t reach before. Sorted!

I’ve recommended the back knobber to friends, who’ve all reported back to me positively. This isn’t a sponsored post! It’s a genuine recommendation based on personal experience. This is the one that I bought, although there are many different varieties.

If you have neck /shoulder problems, I definitely recommend getting one!

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  1. Claire Elizabeth Noke
    16 April 2017

    wow! looks rude!… but if it helps, I think I will give it a go …. xx

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