How I Used The Same Razor For 8 Months

I’ve read that you can extend the life of a razor blade by employing various tricks. I thought I’d give it a bash.

One fact I’ve read a few times is that it’s not the shaving that blunts the blade, but the water. It makes sense. We know that metal corrodes, iron rusts, when water is present. Where is there more moisture in the air than the bathroom?

My experiment, then, was to take an arbitrary disposable razor blade and see how long I could make it last.

I opened a pack of Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors on 4th February this year. After using it, I dried the blade then put it into a small glass with enough oil in it to cover the head.


What kind of oil? Well, no article specified what sort.  I just used what I had to hand, which was rapeseed oil.

Now, I’ll be perfectly transparent. I haven’t shaved every day. It’s October now, and there have been times throughout the year that I have had stubble, or even a wee beard. Equally, there’s been periods when I’ve been clean shaven for a month. Here’s a brief summing up of what facial hair I’ve had this year.


Regardless, I’ve stuck to this one blade for the last eight months. Usually, one month is a long, long time to use a disposable razor. In theory, then, by eight months, I should have a face shredded like I’m using a cheese grater on it.

But I don’t. It’s only now, in mid-October, that the razor has reached the end of its sharpness. That’s remarkable. To consider that one razor could keep your face smooth for the best part of a year if you treat it right.

At this rate, a pack of three razors could last two and a half years!

Have you get any similar life hacks that could help make life a little easier / cheaper?


  1. 23 October 2016

    I can’t believe you got 8 months out of a razor!! You are lucky to get 8 minutes out of a BIC one 😉

  2. 23 October 2016

    Well that is pretty amazing! I prefer it if my mister never shaves, so I hope he doesn’t see this ha!

  3. 23 October 2016

    I might just have to try that. Never crossed my mind before!

  4. 23 October 2016

    Wow!! My razors last next to no time and I’m really not that hairy!! ???? They usually rust on the side of the bath, 8 months is good going!!

  5. Wow this is a fab hack. Will share this with my partner.

  6. 24 October 2016

    That is amazing, hubby gets through loads so will have to give this a try – thanks

  7. Maggie Ali
    28 October 2016

    Great stuff! Husband will have to try this 🙂

  8. Rachel Craig
    3 November 2016

    Great information, thanks for sharing.

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