Did you know that there is a close link between heart health and tooth care?

We didn’t either until Jenny had her heart operation when she was two. We learned that bacteria in teeth can lead to a heart infection, and with her heart in such a fragile condition, it was a risk that they took seriously. Jenny is older now, but the extra special care that we took in ensuring our children’s teeth are well looked after never went away.

I’m therefore quite interested whenever I am approached to review kid’s toothbrushes. Iconic Australian natural toothpaste brand Jack N’ Jill Kids got in touch to see if we’d like to check out their range of toothcare products. We said yes.

Jack n' Jill toothcare

Developed by Melbourne-based couple Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, the original Jack N’ Jill Kids toothpaste was first established in 1949 and has been in Justin’s family for over 20 years. Now its updated formulation and new branding is proving to be more popular than ever – with parents and kids alike.

The winning combination of natural organic ingredients and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging has seen Jack N’ Jill Kids win over the dental market for kids in Australia and overseas, and is now sold in more than 35 countries worldwide.

But what do the kids think?

Jack n' Jill toothcare

The moment that the kids saw the products, they were fully engaged, choosing which character they wanted on their toothbrushes and mugs. We’ve never had a problem with getting the kids to brush their teeth, but it was still brilliant to see them looking forward to brushing their teeth that night!

The range includes kid-sized toothbrushes with a shaped grip designed for little hands, matching mugs, an electric toothbrush and little tooth keepers, which are used to keep baby teeth in when the tooth fairy is due to visit.

The toothpaste we were sent came in two flavours – banana and raspberry. Eve (4) liked both, but Jenny wasn’t keen. It doesn’t foam up like regular toothpaste when used, which makes it a lot cleaner to use. The paste is (deep breath) rich in Xylitol, salicylate free, fluoride free, sugar free, colour free, SLS free,  has no artificial preservatives and is gluten free.

Jack n' Jill toothcare

Jack N’ Jill put environmental issues at the forefront of their brand. They have formulated an all natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients, and designed their packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free.

There’s a lot about Jack N’ Jill that I like. I like their ethical standpoint, that they are a credible, caring company. The kids like their brushes and they look forward to brushing their teeth which, as a parent, I appreciate. It is a little more expensive than supermarket brush, but that’s clearly because you’re not paying for a mass-produced less eco-friendly toothbrush.

Jack N’ Jill’s website is here, and you can also find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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