Make a Pocketsized Pumpkin

I’ve never made a pumpkin before. Actually, I’ve never made anything involving sewing or materials before. You’re probably wondering, then, why that qualifies me to write about making something.

Well, I believe the deciding factor is this. I haven’t made anything like this before. Therefore, if I can do it, and explain it in non-technical terms, then anyone can do it. It’s the dumbest of any dumbed-down pumpkin guides you’re going to find anywhere on the internet.

001First thing you need is a helper.

My helper is slightly defective in that whenever you point a camera at her, she pulls this face. Aside from that, she’s full of enthusiasm and that’s all you need. That, and:

Some orange material. I used an old t-shirt.


Something big and round to draw around.

A needle and thread.



Something green.

The guide is pretty basic. You’re going to draw around the big round thing on the orange material and cut out a big circle.


Once you’ve cut out a circle of orange material out, give your pumpkin a face. Go crazy – you can do whatever you like. Use googly eyes, stickers, sewn on pre-made eyes – anything. I used buttons.

Similarly, make a mouth for your pumpkin. We went for a crazy yellow stitching, but you might want a jaggy black mouth or a big pair of luscious red lips.


Make your own face, but pay attention to whereabouts I’ve put the eyes and mouth. You want it in the right place when you’ve finished.

Now, you want to sew right around the circle. I’m a sewing novice. I don’t know anything about sewing, so I don’t have the ability to get technical. You do, however, want the thread to go in and out, right the way round, so when you pull the thread, it draws the material into a nice, round, pumpkin shape.


Sew rightaround, then – with the face out the way – pull the string gently together. The material will bunch up into a ball shape. Keep doing that until it looks like a round, orange pocket.

Now, you’re going to fill that pocket with stuffing. You can find stuffing in craft shops, or you can do what I did. It’s gruesome, but effective. What I did was cannibalise an old teddy. In our case, it was a bald teddy. It was scary. Probably scarier than the pumpkin. I carefully removed it’s head and took out the stuffing. I think it grossed my family out a bit. Stuff the stuffing in – loads of it – to pad the pumpkin out into a pumpkin shape.


It’s tricky – keep the thread out of the way and quite long so you don’t accidently undo everything. Once it’s adequately stuffed, tighten the thread right up and tie them all off. Don’t worry about the gap in the top. You’re going to fill it.

How you finish it off is up to you. More adventurous people might put on a hat or cut out some green leaves. I went for a sparkly green shoelace which filled up the whole and gave it a green stem effect.


And that’s it. It’s pretty gruesome on lots of levels. It’s the first craft thing I’ve ever made, and looks like it. It was a lot of fun, though, and Eve enjoyed helping out too.


Please post pictures if you make your own pumpkins – we’d love to see them. There’s a guide here on how to make little tomatoes that we found. It’s probably got more technical stuff in it for the more learned readers.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN (when it comes)!

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