Those who have seen ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will be familiar with this set up. Larry David, our protagonist, will be going on with his daily business. Then, something will happen, and he will have an adverse reaction.

It could be, for example, a misunderstanding. Something that he’s disgusted by, or some minor indiscretion. We will then watch the repercussions of him over-analysing and dealing with this incident for the next 25 minutes.

It worked because we get why Larry reacts that way but we also understand why he’s in the wrong. He voiced the part of us that we (usually) keep mute. We got to see the hilarious consequences of what would happen if we spoke those thoughts.

I had my own Larry David moment today. I received the following email (with some details amended to protect ID):

Hi grant

I’ll follow that up with our people.


Can you see what annoyed me? Can you see it? It’s my name. He didn’t put a capital letter in my name. He typed my whole name in lower case.

cye1-larryCan you see his name? He put a capital letter in his own name. He remembered to do that. He remembered that names should have a capital letter when he typed his own name. But my name? No capital.

He typed his own name after mine. He must have typed his own name with a capital and then realised that he hadn’t done it with my name. How could he not have? But he didn’t think to go back and correct it.

What am I to take from that? That my name isn’t important enough for a capital letter? That I am not worthy of being a proper noun? If you’re typing ‘grant’ instead of ‘Grant’ then you’re relegating me to the status of a chair or an armpit. I’m a human being. This is my name. I deserve my capital G.

Am I going to mention this the next time I see Martin? (See. Capital letter at the start of his name. That’s how you do it.) Yes. I will mention it. I won’t make a big deal. I’ll just say – hey! Where was the capital letter? Where’s the big G?

I won’t be rude. I’ll just make my point. I’m sure it’ll be cool. What could go wrong?