Welcome to the latest incarnation of Looking for the Postman, a blog about families, competitions and nonsense. Mostly nonsense.

If you’re looking at this and thinking “My Lord! What has he done? I loved the old site like my own family” then don’t worry. I’ve archived it here.

Whenever I change the site, I like to fool myself into thinking that people are interested in why I did it. These are the reasons why I did it:

  • I like to design websites and I get itchy fingers. I can’t leave well enough alone.
  • The older website was designed on something called Drupal. Drupal is incredible, but I felt that it was an overly complicated engine for a website that is, at its heart, a blog. If I was running a website for the President or the BBC, I’d use Drupal. I’m not, so I’m using WordPress.

The change of site also doesn’t change any existing entries into the Jurassic World competition. All entries submitted already will still count, and you’ll get extra entries for following the new links and leaving new comments. All good.

The list of competitions in the right-hand side bar are all extra-entry comps. You know those comps where you get an extra entry for referring someone else? Those ones over there are my links. Not only do you get to enter, but you earn me an extra entry too. If you follow a link, then THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You’re a wonderful person.

As with all new websites, there will probably be faults. If you spot any, could you please, please post a comment and let me know. If, however, the problem is with the comments system then I guess I’ll never know.

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