It’s November, and this is my first blog post of year. So, how have you been?

To say that I’ve had a bit of a break is to underplay things. My last dozen or so posts in 2018 were me just going through the motions. My heart wasn’t in it.

After a few years of relentless blog posting, it became clear to me, and probably to anyone reading those posts, that a change was in order.

2019 therefore called for me to do some other things with my time.

2019 so far

The main creative thing that I’ve done this year was to release two albums, Borderless and Lines. That was a hell of an accomplishment for someone as undisciplined as I am and an incredibly satisfying experience.

The fact that Looking for the Postman is open again doesn’t mean that the musical output has ceased. There’s currently a further 20 tunes in progress, and plans to work with many people early next year as well.

We’re also in the process of moving house. It’s the first time we’ve simultaneously sold and bought properties and it’s not an experience that I’m in a hurry to repeat. The last couple of months have made my hair more salt than pepper, and I can clearly identify wrinkles whose existence is down to dealing with solicitors and estate agents.

The most exciting things about the property we’re moving to are the view and the garden. We’re going from having a very small yard-type garden (albeit filled with beautiful potted plants) to quite a large, long garden bordering fields with cows and a view of the hills. There will be many blog posts about that in the future.

A house move means that the kids (7, and 8) will be moving to a new school. Fortunately, it has a good name. It’s also a feeder school to the same High School that both my wife and I attended. I do not know how the children will cope with a school move. If anything is going to give me cause to write about parenting issues, I think it’s going to be this.

The older kids have had a full-on year as well. Our 21-year old is away from home, studying art in Dundee. Jack, who turned 16 this year, spent a couple of weeks in hospital with severe ulcerative colitis. That was very hard on him, as it would be for any teenager who founds themselves transported to an adult ward rather than being in school.

Finally, since I stopped writing the blog, we’ve had an addition to the family. Meet our rescue cat, Oreo. She’s six and affectionate. She’s also made us aware of just how much of a handful medium-long haired cats are to live with.

Going forward

It’s only recently that I’ve started to think about writing again. The gap has been therapeutic and much-needed. This time last year, I was putting off writing posts, and rehashing old ideas. I wasn’t doing myself, my site or people I was working with justice. In an arena where content is king, the posts being put out here were giveaways and bland articles.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t high art. But any blogger, or any writer for that matter, will tell you that putting out 600 words on a subject that you have no real interest in is a draining process. So that’s not going to happen any more.

Now, however, I’ve made a promise that I won’t be side-tracked into writing content that doesn’t interest me. Writing the music this year has taught me that it’s the honest output that’s the most rewarding. The stuff that resonates from within. Well, if it’s rewarding for creating music, then applying that ethic to this blog is a natural next step.

Which is obvious, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

So, if you’re at all interested in a dad’s view of creativity, parenting, cooking, gardening, beer and life, you should bookmark this site, and consider following me on Facebook and Twitter!

Nice to be back

Grant, Looking for the Postman