I’ve written before about Papamacs, and for good reason. It’s the only restaurant I’ve reviewed which got a perfect 10.

It’s not just that it’s producing brilliant food – worthy of any top restaurant in nearby Glasgow. It’s not even that it’s so ridiculously cheap.

It’s that it is here, in Johnstone, like a hidden gem where you’d least expect it. You’d fully expect a small town, like Johnstone, to have a family run restaurant, but one that produces Michelin Star style food for less than £15? It’s like finding the Sistine Chapel ceiling in your local church.

The food, as well as looking amazing, tastes incredible and comes in big portions too. Don’t go thinking that fine dining here means a half-empty plate. You will leave this place with a full belly and a grin on your face.

They’re award winning too. Just this month, they won a special recognition award at the Invest in Renfrewshire awards!

But enough of my yakking. Let’s let the food speak for itself. (Courtesy of Papamacs Instagram & Facebook feeds)


We’re serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all weekend here at #papamacs Sunday market menu 3 courses for £15 to book check link in bio!

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Join us at #papamacs for breakfast, lunch and dinner this weekend!

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