Prezzo, Glasgow : Review

It was our wedding anniversary last weekend, so we decided to go for a meal to Prezzo in St Vincent Place, Glasgow.

I actually walk past the building every day on the way home from work, but I’d never really noticed it before. It looks like a beautiful old townhouse, complete with columns and arches. There are lots of those in Glasgow.

The meal was booked for 7.30 on a Saturday. Prezzo have a couple of Christmas additions to their menu, including Roasted Pork Belly Porchetta (served over a ragu of Italian sausage, cennellini beans, puy lentils, herbs and pomodoro sauce). They also recommend wine to go with their dishes – in this case an Italian Malbec. I was looking forward to this.


We arrived on time and were shown to our seat. The large pizza oven in the open kitchen area doubled up as a roaring fire. We ordered drinks – the Malbec for me and Pinot Grigio for Emma.

It was a full 30 minutes until the waitress returned to tell us that the bar was out of Pinot Grigio! Emma ordered a cocktail instead, with Amaretto, Fresh Orange & Prosecco.

We ordered our food. Even though Prezzo is an Italian restaurant, I didn’t want to order pasta. Pasta is something we can make ourselves (I make my own), plus I’d already been sold on the Pork / Porcetta dish.

Our choices were Baked Camembert Festive Star To Share as a starter and, for main courses, Asparagus & Marscapone Panciotti for Emma and, obviously, the Pork for me.


Shortly after, the waitress returned for a second time that evening to say that something wasn’t available – the Pork. Now, I understand that dishes sell out, but this dish? It was being advertised as their main Christmas dish and it was only still early on a Saturday. If you’re going to push a main course as a lead attraction then you really ought to make sure that you have a decent amount to serve.

With the clock ticking, I had to choose a replacement. Reluctantly, I chose a pasta dish – Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu.

The starter was alright.  The cheese was gooey and not too salty and the garlic bread tasted fresh enough. The balsamic fig chutney was lovely, but, all together, it was a little underwhelming.

Emma’s cocktail also fell a little flat. The Orange Juice and Amaretto were present, but there was no Prosecco taste to speak of.

The mains arrived. Emma’s Panciotti and my Pappardelle. The Asparagus & Marscapone Panciotti was simply bland and I found it far too cold. The Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu had a metric ton of pasta but I had to go on somewhat of an expedition to find the rabbit. The pasta was a little undercooked.

About halfway through eating the Pappardelle, I noted something a little crunchy, which surprised me. I looked down to find a coiled piece of metal / foil on my plate.


I called the waitress over who brought over the manager. They were most apologetic and offered me something else, but I declined. The manager went to the kitchen and then returned having spoken to the kitchen staff. They couldn’t explain how it happened but were profusely and genuinely sorry. The manager said that they would not charge us for the desserts.

Initially, we were tempted to just move on but we stayed to sample the dessert menu. We ordered Amaretti & Carrot Cheesecake (Carrot cake mixed with a vanilla cheesecake, amaretti biscuits and walnuts, served with a salted caramel sauce) and a White Peach & Amaretti Biscuit Cheesecake – a special. I’m glad we did.



The Amaretti & Carrot Cheesecake was incredible. The thick base was a light, delicious carrot cake, the sauce was deliciously sweet going well the with nuts and the creaminess. Beautiful. Both cheesecakes were delicious.

I will note that the manager made some generous adjustments to the bill in light of what happened with the Rabbit dish. I appreciate that we had a lot of bad luck but that sort of experience is still enough to sour a restaurant for me. With so many good restaurants to choose from, somewhere has to have something special to make us go back a second time. Prezzo, most definitely, does not have that.

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  1. janis
    1 December 2016

    I haven’t visited that particular Prezzo but having visited a couple of others I was put off by the blandness of their food. Anything I’ve ordered has been edible, but just okay – nothing to write home about – and frankly I could have made it better myself at a fraction of the cost.

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