Resolutions : 2017

I’m a blogger. It’s New Year. I have to do a Resolutions post. It’s mandatory.

I’m already quite focused about a few of these resolutions, which is good. A little discipline goes a long way. It also has to be something that I have a genuine interest in. Here are my resolutions for 2017….

Lose Weight


Shocker. My attempt to lose my #DadBelly is not a new revelation. It is an ambition that is currently gaining a new lease of life in the New Year, now that all the Christmas treats have gone.

I was 74.1kg when I started this. It’s the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. A mixture of cutting out crap from my diet and some exercise is on the agenda. I’ll monitor things and see how it goes. Obviously, I’ll also update the blog with my efforts to obtain the perfect mankini bod.

Write Music


I used to be incredibly productive with music production, making a couple of tracks a week. I even had my own business writing music. Now, apart from compositions for some short films, I haven’t completed a track in almost two years.

This is to change. I have all my music software ready to go. There is now a designated ‘music studio’ area in my house all set up. I am devouring music and watching sound design tutorials to get the brain in motion. It is time! This year will see some quality tuneage, or I’ll die trying.

Cook More


I love cooking. I’m not terrible at it, but I could definitely do with practice. Time constraints mean that I rarely get to spend time cooking a meal. I mean, really cooking a meal, not just heating up stuff.

A Saturday would be the time when I would ordinarily get to spend some time trying my best not to ruin a dish. This year, I will endeavour to craft some tasty delights, and to learn more about this wonderful art. Obviously, combining this with my first resolution will be a challenge, but if it’s once a week, I reckon it should be doable.

Teach the Kids More


My youngest two are four and five years old. I’m blown away by how easily they learn new information at the moment, and how curious they are. The youngest, Eve, is great at picking up a tablet / phone / remote control and figuring it all out.

I’d like to take that enthusiasm and ability and focus it, whether on learning a musical instrument, or on using computer software. They have creative outlets for art already, and they attend dance class. I’d like to provide them with similar outlets for their musical and technical interests.

Getting Out Frequently


We usually get the family out pretty regularly, going to one of the many parks or natural areas within driving distance of us. This year, I’d like to do more of that.

Totally off her own back, Jenny created a list of things she’d like to see on a walk we went on last weekend. She’s clearly got an appetite for discovery (and record keeping)! This is something to expand upon.

We have books on British birds and wildlife. I will endeavour to use these to pique the girl’s interest and to add an extra dimension to our outdoor forays. A big game of I-Spy, with a healthy, outdoor environment!


I reckon I can achieve these. I also like the idea of a resolution to have a date night at least once a month with the Mrs, but that came from another blogger and I don’t want to steal it!

Wish me luck!


  1. 6 January 2017

    Write music! Now that is the best resolution I’ve seen thus far….I’d love to hear more about how this goes throughout the year – good luck!

  2. Great list – I too will be cooking more, although I would love to be making music if I could! If you have such a talent it’s a shame to waste it – good luck, I too look forward to hearing how it goes! But now I’m off to write my resolutions!

  3. 6 January 2017

    These are some great resolutions and I can definitely relate to a few of these. Teach the kids more and get outside more are what I want to do this year. I also need to get way more organised!

  4. 6 January 2017

    Great list and yes as a blogger its mandatory!! lol

  5. 7 January 2017

    I love the ‘Get out Frequently’ I did lol at it because at least you havent said “I intend to go for a 30 mile walk every day” x

  6. 8 January 2017

    Those are some great resolutions, I am with you on losing weight and good luck with the music writing

  7. 9 January 2017

    Amazing resolutions! Getting out with the family is one of mine too – every Sunday we try and go visit somewhere – it’s the best day of the week!

  8. 9 January 2017

    That’s a great set of resolutions there. I especially like the music one!

  9. 11 January 2017

    Such a great list for your New Years Resolution, My list are to complete my work on time so I can have more time with my family.

  10. 13 January 2017

    These are fab resolutions and i feel like Ive let the blogging side down by not doing a resolution post haha x

  11. 19 April 2017

    Absolutely first rate and coodpr-bpttomee, gentlemen!

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