I’ve become a serial failure when it comes to losing my #DadBelly. I’ve tried before but with little success.

Motivation is needed. Motivation and discipline. Something to spur my simple mind on.

My diet could improve. I have tremendously healthy dinners which is completely down to my wonderful wife’s influence. It’s just that during the day at work I eat a load of crap.

Then there’s beer. I love beer. I have cut back, restricting myself to beer on the weekends. I didn’t initially intend to give it up on the basis that balance is the key. I’ve changed my mind now. I think that for the best possible start to this health kick, I need to go all in*.

I want to lose weight, but not strictly for reasons of vanity (although I do want to feel better about myself). Losing weight is something that will help relieve symptoms of GORD. Also, my family has a history of heart problems which I’d like to avoid. My Grandfather had a heart attack at 51, although he did eat fried food all the time. Nevertheless, I want to be healthy and fit!


I’ve decided to humiliate myself into losing weight. The hope is that the shame will be an extra push to get me eating better and exercising. When I sit up on my bed, I’m unfortunately positioned in front of the wardrobe mirror. My belly sits on my lap like a bowling ball. It’s horrifying to me.

So shame it is. I am posting a picture of my Dad Belly. My gut. I will embarrass myself into losing weight. That will be my motivation, along with some more useful tools. This is my arsenal for losing weight:

My Virtual Mission (which I’ve written about before).
This allows you to set virtual journeys to take by either recording distance walked or cycled. Unfortunately, it now seems to restrict you to one free journey before it charges. That’s not so good so I will try to find another option.

Beets Blu WiFi Scales and Heart Monitor (and the apps that come with it).
Next gen health monitoring devices.

Our exercise bike
Means I can exercise and watch TV at the same time. I’m sure this is how Olympians do it!

My Fitness Pal
I did use SparkPeople as a calorie counting app but was recommended MFP by readers here!

Right now, I’m 169cm tall and weight 73.6kg. That makes my BMI 25.7. According to the NHS BMI Calculator, my healthy weight range is 52.8kg to 71.7kg. My target is right in the middle of that – 62kg.


So, here it is. My final motivation. The shame of my #DadBelly. Here it is in all its beer induced glory. I apologise for it but it needs to be done. Sigh.

#DadBelly #DadBelly

Now it’s out there. This is my “before” picture. Now, I have to work todays my “after” picture. Can you imagine if all I’m left with is my “before” pic? If I now don’t improve or even get worse? The shame!

Wish me luck. A big part of this is motivation so any and all encouragement is appreciated. I’ll post as I progress and we’ll see how I get on.

*You’ll see a beer review coming up soon. Those beers have been consumed and are pre-health kick. They were delicious. Sigh.