Social Network Housekeeping – Getting Rid of Old Follows

New Year is a good time for clearing out the cobwebs and getting things in order. Your Facebook / Twitter / email accounts are great examples of things that can easily get over-ridden with likes / follows and spam.

Here are three ways in which you can reduce the amount of junk that gets into your Social Networks.


unlikeitThis nifty app works within Facebook to conveniently list every page that you like. You can sort it into any order that you prefer, then easily unlike any pages you want to stop following. As a result of entering competitions, I had a whopping 850 pages liked on my Facebook. A short amount of time with Unlikeit, and it was down to a much more manageable number.


justunfollowUnless you’ve got in excess of 500 people following you on Twitter, then you can only follow 2,000 accounts yourself. It may sound like a lot, but with it being so easy to enter RT and Follow comps on twitter, it isn’t difficult to creep up to that 2k total. Good housekeeping with JustUnfollow is therefore a necessity. It does have a 200 a day unfollow limit, but if you use it regularly then that shouldn’t bother you. The service also has other functions – automatic follow backs, auto messages for new followers etc. It’s free for basic use but additional features are available if you pay.



As I’ve often blogged, an email address used for competition is not much use for anything else. Last year, a brand new email address used for nothing but entering competitions received a total of 29,770 emails. It’s not really spam – it’s newsletters and mailouts. You usually have to sign up for mailing lists when you enter competitions, and this is the effect of that.

Unroll.Me analyses all of your emails and gives you the option to unsubscribe you from them en masse. It does take a day or two after the initial run through for the benefits to be seen, but after then – what a difference!

These are all useful tools for Social Network housekeeping, and each one has alternatives available. They make a difference to cluttered feeds / homepages and mailboxes, just in time for you to overload them all again in 2015!

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