My NY resolution to lose weight and be fit has crumbled spectacularly. I’ve already given some excuses why I failed.

My wife, on the other hand, has been the very paragon of discipline with regard to a healthy diet and exercise. She discovered an app called SparkPeople, which she has introduced me too.

In simple terms, SparkPeople helps you track the amount of calories you eat, the amount of calories you burn and assists you in building and following a plan to hit your target weight.


Inputting the calories you eat is simple. You type in the food you’ve eaten, and the app accesses the massive SparkPeople database to tell you how much eat portion has in calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein etc. You assign each piece of food and drink to a particular meal and track your intake. Easy.

You can also log any exercise and calories burned to get a running total of where you’re at on a particular day.

But there’s more! A sister app called Spark Recipes links in nicely with SparkPeople allowing you to put together meals that tie in with your plan.


As if that wasn’t enough – and it is a lot – SparkPeople also have their Coaching Centre. There are tips, articles, advice and videos – including exercise videos.


I started using the app this week and it’s instantly changed my outlook. Whereas before I was happily munching away all day on any old rubbish, this app is making me fully aware of what calories I am putting into my belly.

It’s a great incentive to stay away from food that isn’t needed. I’m determined not to exceed the calorie target for the day. I want to lose two stone by June 20th and this app has made me realise that it’s perfectly achievable. I recommended it wholeheartedly. And it’s free!

You can get the SparkPeople Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker for Android here and for Apple devices here. Good luck!

Disclaimer : I wasn’t approached by SparkPeople or asked to write this review. I wrote it because it’s an awesome app!