That Winning Feeling

20090916_fingers_crossed-288x300Compers need luck. It’s a fact that the odds are against you when you enter a competition. Sure, there are things you can do to increase your chances. You can pay attention to competitions that allow you extra entries for tweeting again every day, or go for low entry competitions like creative competitions. You can also ask people to engage in experiments to ask the universe to send some luck your way.

Even though the odds aren’t in your favour, there are odd moments when you sense that a win is on the horizon and – lo and behold – it happens! I know that other people have felt the same way. I had an idea.

I decided to document the days that I had a winning feeling. Over a fifty day period, I made the effort to tweet one of the two following on a daily basis:

Today’s status : No winning feeling.

or :

Today’s status : Winning feeling.

What I was primarily interested in was any day when I had a winning feeling and then won.

The results are in!

Out of the 50 days:

  • I tweeted “No winning feeling” : 13 times.
  • I tweeted “Winning feeling” : 12 times.
  • I forgot to tweet : 25 times. (This level of discipline should give you some idea of the level of professionalism I have for studies like this).

Days of the week:

  • I felt luckiest on Mondays.
  • I never felt luck on a Saturday.

During the fifty days period I had two competition wins (a slow period).

  • Of the 12 days where I had a winning feeling, I won 0 competitions!
  • Of the 12 days where I had no winning feeling, I had 1 win!
  • Of the 25 days where I didn’t tweet, I had 1 win!

Well, the science and maths is clearly indisputable. This experiment was carried out in laboratory conditions and under the scrutiny of independent respected bodies. The conclusion is that the #WinningFeeling is a lotta baloney.

I appreciate that a lot of you will be disappointed by the outcome of the study. Please, therefore, accept this picture of a kitten to brighten you up on this dark day.


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  1. Gillian Brewster
    12 June 2016

    Now I Want to do this just because!!!

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