Last Thursday was the longest of days.

We were up at 6am. Eve was scheduled for a day-patient operation and we had to be in the ward for 7.30am. She wasn’t allowed any food prior to going in and no liquid after 6.30am, so we had to be up and getting her drinking sharpish.

Coincidentally, Jenny was due to get her annual check with the kid’s cardiac consultant in the same hospital on the same morning. A busy day.

Much has been made of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. It has been christened a ‘superhospital’ no less. We were there early enough to avoid the parking hell associated with the place which was an immense relief.

A Long Day

While Eve changed into her pajamas and played with toys, I took Jenny for some food and a walk around. Her appointment wasn’t for another 2 ½ hours.

The cardiac consultant checked out Jenny. The operation to repair her heart was almost two years ago and her recovery so far has been great. The doctor referred her for a scan and an ECG. The results of this were really good. So good that Jenny doesn’t need to return for another two years. You have no idea how much of a relief this was to hear!

Eve still hadn’t been taken in, so I took Jenny to her gran’s to keep an eye on her and returned to the hospital. By this point, Eve was in and being operated on.

Basically, she had a lump between her neck and her collar bone. The doctors wanted to remove it and figure out what it is. We were allowed in to see her and she was pretty doped up. She slowly came round, thirsty and groggy. She didn’t even seem to be aware of the wound on her neck and was more concerned about a tiny scratch she had on her hand.

The surgeon told us the op had gone well. There didn’t seem to be anything to worry about.

The Longest of Days

Pretty quickly, Eve regained her humour. A couple of long hours later, we were allowed to leave.

When we picked up Jenny, she was misbehaving a bit. I can understand that. Her mum and dad weren’t there because they had to give her little sister all their attention. She was just trying to redress the balance by getting attention. She had nothing to complain about. Her gran had kept her well entertained! They had made Eve a ‘get well’ card and also made a dinosaur, and crepe paper flowers. I’m surprised she had time to notice we weren’t there!

We have a three week wait to hear back about the results of Eve’s op. From what we were told, we’re not worrying too much, but we’re parents, so you know we’ll be concerned anyway.

So, when we got home, did we get a chance to chill out and relax? No! That night was Jenny’s first school disco. She’s still in nursery for another week or so, but the school she’s going to invited the new pupils along to their disco anyway. ‘Shorts and Shades’ was the theme. She had a great time, dancing in a way that young kids do. ie Dance moves that are mostly jumping!

The longest of days day indeed but, ultimately, one that brought good news.