The Looking for the Postman Blog is back!

One man's attempt to shoulder his way back into the dad blog world

It’s two years since Looking for the Postman (this blog) ended. Luckily, not much has happened in the world in that time.

But now my wee blog is back. It’s clearly what we all need and I think we’ll all, as a human species, feel lifted and elated by it’s re-emergence onto the web. Birds will swoop a little higher. Horses will canter with even more joy. The sun will burst through the autumn clouds in celebration.

So, what have you been up to, Grant?

Well, if you’ve been interested enough to get to this paragraph, then I am compelled to give you a detailed answer.

We moved house in December 2019. The new place has an amazing garden with a gate into a cow field. Dream stuff. During lockdown we transformed the garden to remove a horrible slab path, put in flower & veg beds and install a swing for the kids. It’s incredible and we’re very lucky.

I’ve gone from travelling to Glasgow five days a week to working from home. That’s about 12 hours a week extra I get to spend with the family, meaning a huge increase in the quality of life. I get to help kids with homework and take them to clubs rather than come home from work late and tired. Lots of people are in the same position as me, and it’s a wonderful thing.

I have released five (!) albums since moving house. This is the latest. (You can read more about that over at I also did a blog and YouTube channel for my daughters at although they’ve been too busy to make videos in recent times. Kids and their social lives!

That nice, but why are you coming back, Grant?

Lentil soup. That’s why I’m coming back. I’ll decipher that for you.

The old Looking for the Postman had some recipes on it. I called them Dad Recipes. Lentil soup was one of them, and I wanted to make it again. So, I went looking for it, but it was offline. In the process of finding it, I read and remembered lots of other posts that I’d written and that rather inspired me. From that point on, there was no stopping the suggestion in my brain that this blog wasn’t that bad and I should do it again. The conclusion of this process was the rebuilding of the blog and, ultimately, this blog post.

I’ve highlighted and brought forward some of the blog posts which highlight the vein I’d like to continue with going forward. They appear on the site as posts dated in October 2021. I’ve also included most of the original posts going back to 2014 under their original post dates. There’s a shedload of content to wade through if you’re interested. A pretty big shed at that.

What next then?

Same as before, but with probably more gardens. Dad observations, posts about family life, tons of food / beer pieces, posts about becoming fifty (which I’m due to do next year. Jaysus.) and also my takes on books, places, films, life, and all other manners of stuff.

My girls are a little older. I’m a little greyer. My wife is a little more gardenerier (as am I). It’s going to be fun to share our lives again with you and I’m genuinely looking forward to it!

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  1. Vickie Jackson
    28 November 2021

    Glad to see you back 🙂

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