Being a blogger is sometimes very hard work, but, occasionally, the bonuses are incredible.

Out of the blue a month or so ago, I got an email inviting me to become part of the Netflix Stream Team. This would involve being a blogger for a year writing some stuff about Netflix. My reaction was an obvious “yeah. Where do I sign?”

I had Netflix a long time ago, well before them making their own content. I’d heard good things, though, so I was keen to check it out.

Setting up the Netflix account was easy. Within a few minutes, I had Netflix set up on my phone, TV and tablet. I also had different accounts set up for me, Emma & both of the kids.

I was concerned about giving the kids access, but when you create an account, you can specify that it’s for a child. This will restrict the content they can access, which obviously gives piece of mind to us parents.

The kids logged in first. Their eyes were like saucers at the vast amount of choice. They recognised the big names like Minions, Paw Patrol , Puss in Boots, Sonic & Peabody & Sherman to name a few. They also saw lots of characters who we didn’t realise had their own TV shows, like those from the movie Home, Skylanders, How to Train Your Dragon and Ratchet & Clank.

They’ve also discovered a whole bunch of brand new TV series which they didn’t know about before. Stuff like Suckers, Yo-Kai Watch, Buddy Thunderstruck and Lego Jurassic Park.


Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s summer time and the kids have been out in the sun a lot. They’re not in front of the box all day. They have, however, managed to cram in loads of new discoveries in their TV time because of the enthusiasm they have for this new treasure trove of goodies.

But what about the grown-ups?

I’ll cut to the chase. It’s awesome. It’s the perfect mix of brand new Netflix created content, top US shows, the best of the BBC and a great selection of movies.

You’ll already know about the flagship Netflix Original shows. House of Cards is stunning, as is the 80s based sci-fi Spielbergesque monster hit Stranger Things. Orange is the New Black has a big following, and The Crown, Narcos & Bloodline shows that Netflix can do drama.

You can choose to download shows to watch on your device, so I rewatched the first series of Hannibal on the train to work. I also watched classic Scottish sketch show Chewin’ the Fat. I spotted a couple of documentaries about beer and wine which I’ve added to my list to watch later.

We checked out Wallander, Designated Survivor and Peaky Blinders. The quality is amazing. No buffering issues either.

The next show on our list is Ozark.Plus, in October, it’s time for Stranger Things series 2….

I’m not saying goodbye to terrestrial TV completely. There’s no news programming on Netflix, so I tune back in to the BBC for that. However, when it comes to looking for where I’m going to get my drama, comedy and kid’s entertainment from now on, I think the first stop has to be this massive Netflix library which we’ve just been given the keys to.

As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ve been given a free Premium account from Netflix for 12 months. This gives access to four different devices to Netflix simultaneously plus the possibility of UltraHD.  The cost for this would be just £8.99 per month. Much less than the cost of one adult’s single visit to the cinema. And the first month for new customers is free. Bingo!