Dads! Do you have a pet that you would like to train?

More specifically, do you have a pet that you would like to train to do something in particular? I know it’s an odd question. Here’s why I’m asking.

A new series is being made for ITV and the producers are on the hunt for animal lovers in the UK. It would appear that dads & males are being a bit shy about coming forward for the task!

The programme will follow families as they are taught to train their pets amazing and unexpected tricks. The show is very light hearted, and family friendly. They have 2 experienced animal behaviourists on board.

Training Scheme

They will meet the families and their pets, set a training scheme and mentor their family through the training process. We are hoping to film families with all kinds of pets – from dogs and cats to ponies and pigs!

They will be filming the series in the next couple of months and would be really keen to hear from dads who might like to take part in the programme. It should be really great fun, for both the pets and their people. They are particularly looking for people who want to train their pet for a specific event – for example, we could train an animal to be a ring bearer at a wedding!

Their experts have already successfully taught household pets to do all kinds of super tasks such as loading and unloading the washing machine, wake up the kids on an alarm or bring the TV remote when asked. They love a challenge and will do their best to train anything and everything that pet owners can come up with!

Pet Flyer

Interested? Email for more details!