Twitter_competition_cropCompetition Legend Super Lucky Di has recently written a blog post about whether or not your twitter competition entry really has a chance of being picked as winning entry. The bottom line is, depending on what method the people that run the competition use, your entry might not ever cross their path. It’s definitely worth a read.

It made me think about Twitter competitions a bit more this week. They’re easily the most prevalent of competitions at the moment. Twitaculous is a fast-moving beast, providing details of hundreds of competitions closing at every hour of the day. It’s a simple click to enter a competition.

That’s the problem, though. If it’s easy for you to enter a competition, then it’s also easy for everyone else. One click, boom. That’s it. (The opposite end of the scale is the creative comp where effort is required.)

I looked through my competition stats for this year so far to see if they would shed any light on how Twitter competitions compared to the rest. The results were surprising.

I’ve entered a total of 4505 Twitter Competitions in 2014. From those, I’ve had four wins. (One of which was the infamous bobble head prize)

In the same time frame, I’ve entered 6255 non-Twitter Competitions. From those, I’ve had eleven wins. That means –

Twitter comps : 1 win in every 1165 competitions. (A 0.085% success rate)

Non-Twitter comps : 1 win in every 568 competitions. (A 0.176% success rate)

Wow. I’m half as likely to win a Twitter comp than other sort. Twitter gave me a 99.914% failure rate.

It’s an eye opener. I can’t help but think that this shows Twitter competitions to be a complete waste of time.

I’m open to be persuaded otherwise, though. What’s the best thing you’ve ever won from a Twitter competition?