Venice Holiday – Day Five

I’ve not really talked much about the activities that the camp puts on for children.

The young ones have already enjoyed the kid’s disco and want to return again for another night of dancing along to the disco show that is put on. They’ve also enjoyed being in a trailer to transport them around the camp (and Daddy has benefitted from the additional exercise).

We had a visit from the Eurocamp rep to our cabin to tell us about activities for the older kids, specifically 13 – 18. This was perfect for Jack. He went away to join them for two hours for a supervised Swap Shopm which involved going around tents trying to ‘up-swap’ to see what they could get. He reported back that he had a lot of fun!

day5-01 day5-02

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet are the mosquitos. I wasn’t bothered by them for quite a while, but they chewed my wife to bits from day one. She’s had a horrendous time of it. Luckily, they weren’t at the beach. My wife found a life hack tip of washing the tables on the decking in listerine to put them off, which seemed to work!

If it sounds dull to say that the day involved further trips to the beach and the swimming pool then be assured that it wasn’t. The kids were having the best time, so we were happy. The temperature was around 30 degrees celsius, so we were constantly being slathered in sun cream.


There’s a lovely set of gardens behind the children’s play park towards the beach. There’s also a secluded children’s play area with bouncy castles and a climbing section. Really, there is so much to do, we could have stayed for another week and still be exploring.


day5-04 day5-05

After a stroll and letting the kids work out their energy on the play areas, we went to a restaurant on site. The staff were fantastic and the service was unbelievably quick. The menu was varied, cheap and had loads for kids. Also, lots of alcoholic choices for mum and dad!

day5-06 day5-07

Tomorrow holds something different. The kids will be staying with my in-laws, while Emma and I head to Venice. A proper date!

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  1. Rosemary Szuster
    4 July 2016

    Restaurant was really good for families with its own soft play area. Service was quick and food was nice with plenty of choices.

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