Venice Holiday – Day One

Day One of our holidays doesn’t really contain much holiday in it.

There’s twelve of us heading to a Eurocamp, called Ca’Savio, north of Venice. Our flights go Glasgow -> Amsterdam -> Venice, with a planned arrival time of 10:15pm (local time). From there, we have two people carrier taxis booked for the 40 minute trip to the camp.

That’s the plan, but how did it work out?


Glasgow Airport has undergone a lot of changes since two lunatics attempted to drive a burning 4×4 into it, failed miserably and got attacked by locals. We’d arranged parking in an off-site car park and got a bus drop-off at the airport entrance. Sweet.

We’d checked in online and the baggage drop was painless. The flight was leaving at five in the afternoon so we had the chance to sit and start to get into holiday mode while watching some of the football on a tv. I even had the chance of a holiday pint of ale. So far, so dandy.Day1-01 Day1-02

Everything else was smooth. Security was a breeze, we got on the plane and flew to Amsterdam. Really, without a hitch, which was extremely welcome.


This is where things started to get a bit more stressful. There was less than an hour to connecting flight and the new gate was quite a walk away. Schipol Airport, as you probably know, is massive. All of us made a mad dash for the new gate. We made it there for five minutes after the gate closing time but everyone was still standing around.

The last to saunter down were the pilots. The flight had been delayed to wait for them. Eventually, we got onto the plane but we’d missed our slot. That meant a lot of waiting around on the plane before take off. Forty minutes after our scheduled time, we took off.


Now, ordinarily, a 40 minute delay wouldn’t bother me, but we had a couple of taxi drivers waiting for us at the airport in Venice. A little stressful.


We arrived and there was no taxi driver. They were meant to be standing with a board with our name on it. We saw loads of drivers for other folk, but none for us. Neither mine nor Emma’s phone were connecting to local networks so we couldn’t chase it up. It was 11.15pm local time, the kids were completely shattered and the adults just wanted to get to the camp and begin to chill out. Soon, though, the drivers showed up and we got on our way.

Ca’ Savio Camp

The drive to the camp probably wouldn’t have taken so long if the 20kph drivers weren’t hogging the road. A lightning storm over the Adriatic kept us entertained, though, and the young ones soon fell asleep.

We got to the camp at midnight. There was an ardous double check-in with the main desk then with Eurocamp. Then, completely shattered, we had to drag the luggage and the children through the camp to our lodges.

The roads were rocky, full of puddles and unlit. It was pitch black and the Eurocamp rep walked off ahead, leaving most of us in the dark. Not a great start. Luckily a second rep was passing and he tried his best to light the road for us.

Eventually, we got to our caravan. We made up the beds, killed the beasties and went to put the young ones to bed. The bed rails we’d ordered weren’t there so we had to make do with suitcases jammed between their beds. We weren’t given the chance to buy an air-conditioning card so we had to stew a bit.

We were that shattered that we fell asleep anyway…..

… be woken at 5am by a cockerel.

It’s not as miserable as I’m making it sound! We were just beyond tired and desparate for our beds.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to iron out some issues with the office. (Missing bed rails, some broken blinds, air conditioning card, fix the sofa etc). Wish me luck!


  1. Margaret Gallagher
    29 June 2016

    Sure you’ll enjoy once you have a great nights sleep

  2. Rosemary Szuster
    3 July 2016

    I think Eurocamp could do more to help guests on arrival. I saw reps from other companies using trolleys to transport their customers’ luggage. We were not given any help with ours and our 3 and 4 year olds had to walk for 10 minutes in the pitch dark to our cabin. It had just been raining and our cases ended up covered in mud. The taxis that the campsite prebooked for us should have been allowed to take us to our cabins if we were not going to get any help.

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