Venice Holiday – Day Seven

The last day of the holiday saw us split into two groups.

We stayed back to take a final opportunity to enjoy the beach and the park’s swimming pools.


People were getting inventive with the sand. I think it’s a sand crocodile but it could be some sort of dinosaur.


While we enjoyed the sea and sand, my father-in-law took three of the kids to Aqualandia Jesolo, Italy’s number one waterpark.


I’ll let Kayla tell you about the trip-

I very much enjoyed Aqualandia! My favorite waterslide was Toboganes. It has two different slides and you go in a small boat with two people. Also, Scary Falls is very good but very scary! I was screming but it was very fun and the food there is very delish. I had fried chicken with fries and Sprite and an  ice-pole.

Can’t argue with that!



Our last night in Camping Ca’ Savio gave Jenny her chance to go up on stage for the Happy Disco. She had a fantastic time.


A brilliant week, then at Camping Ca’ Savio. Sad to leave but we had such a great time that we’ll always have lovely memories of it. Arrivederci!

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  1. Rosemary Szuster
    31 July 2016

    A good time was had by all! Only complaint would be the vicious mosquitoes in the evenings.

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