Venice Holiday – Day Two

We were given our wake up call by a cockerel at 5am.

We managed to doze for a while after until our own wee alarm clock, Eve, gave us a shout. Noisy poultry aside, I haven’t heard any noise from neighbours which is a surprise when you see how close all the cabins are.

We took a walk to the site shop, which took ten minutes and involved walking on a road. As we strolled along, the girls got their first look at the site’s big pirate ship in the pool. They were extremely excited!

The site shop was excellent. Huge, loads of choice and plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Very impressive!


Jenny was extremely tired from yesterday’s long haul and voluntarily went for a nap. Eve, however, had a bit more energy and went to the swimming pool with her gran, granda, aunts and cousins.

Rachel and I took a walk to the main reception area to get some stuff sorted out. We needed to get the bed rails, a card with credit on it to use the air conditioning for us and the family’s other caravan and to get info on how to get to Venice for a day trip. The staff were helpful enough, the Eurocamp rep especially.

There are two pool areas here. This one had two pools, one of which had the infamous pirate ship complete with water slide. An adjacent restaurant & bar area had a large screen tv showing the football.

The food selection at lunch time was quite limited. Pizzas weren’t served til after 4, so the vegetarian option was cheese toastie or chips.


After lunch, we took the kids to one of two play areas in the camp, but it was clearly for much older kids so we moved on. Instead, we went to the beach.

The beach was definitely the high point of the holiday so far. Beautiful sand, not at all busy and the sea was warm! You can walk out into the sea a fair distance and it didn’t really get any deeper.


The girls sat in the lapping waves having the time of their lives. Jenny proclaimed that it was the ‘best day ever’! I’m not sure if Jack felt the same when I dunked him in the water for repeatedly splashing me. He let out the girliest of screams. Seriously, if any sound effect producers are looking for the sound of a squealing young girl for their latest movie, Jack’s your man.

After a couple of hours relaxing at the beach, we headed back to shower. Damn, the beach is messy. Sand everywhere. We cleaned up then set about getting the place ready for dinner.


All twelve of us got together on our decking area for a buffet type dinner with food bought from the site shop. Italian meats & cheeses, crusty bread, fruit, crisps, cakes, wines and beer. We talked football, politics, old actors, nonsense and listened to music & football.


There were very few visits of the famed mosquitos. We’d washed our tables & chairs with listerine as per the urban legends and lit citronella candles. It seemed to work.

Kids went off to bed and the night came. It was still very warm. We tried to use our air conditioning cards. Ours worked, but the in-laws didn’t. Not good.


The day was almost done but a huge battle was still to come.

In the living room, a huge dark shadow moved in my peripheral vision. A shift in the shape of the room. A low drone noise filled the air. Something evil had entered from a circle of hell.

My adversary showed himself. A bulbous, wretched creature, part-hornet, part-orc, all death. It had come for my soul. My weapon of choice was a mosquito swatter. The fight began.

Orc-hornet danced around the light, causing me to be dazzled. Devilishly clever. He lunged but I managed to duck out the way. I parried but my aim was poor. It was late, I was tired and half-cut.

We battled like this for an eternity, exchanging blows. Eons passed and the rest of the Universe ceased to exist. In our joint endeavour, we become brothers. We became one. Then the daft bug flew directly into the floor and I squished it.

I retired to my bed. A father, husband and warrior need his rest. It took about eight seconds for me to fall asleep.


  1. Rosemary Szuster
    4 July 2016

    At least you didn’t use your father in law’s phone to batter that one!!!

  2. 4 July 2016

    That battle seemed epic!

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