As Sherlock would say, the Game is On!

I wrote in November that I was going to enjoy Christmas without worrying about my weight but on the understanding that I was going to go all out to lose weight in the New Year. Well, that time is now here!


Sorry if you saw that when you were eating. It’s from an older post where I tried to shame myself into losing weight by posting a pic of my beer belly. It didn’t work.

I’ve weighed myself this morning.

74.1 kg

As I’m just 5ft 6 1/2 in, that puts my BMI at an unhealthy 25.5 and into the lower reaches of ‘overweight’.My acid reflux is worse than ever and I just don’t look or feel that great at all.

The serious stuff now has to start.

The weight loss apps are up and running. I’ve registered for a 300 mile virtual cycle ride at My Virtual Mission. The bluetooth body mass scales have already been used today. I’ve also got the added motivation of my Dad telling me I’ll never lose my belly. Cheers, Pops!

The beer has gone. The chocolates are off the menu. I will be walking during my lunch break and cycling on the exercise bike every day.

Wish me luck!