Wishlist for 2015

I’ve read a few different places that compers should make a wishlist of things that they’d like to win. I don’t know if this is meant to increase my chances of winning it, or help to focus me, but I’m going to embrace it nonetheless.

So, here is Looking for the Postman’s Competition Prize wishlist for 2015!

Major Prize Wishlist

Two Phones

smartphonesThis sounds greedy, but stay with me. I got a great phone in April of last year, but due to “water damage” (don’t ask), it stopped working a couple of months later. I’m therefore now back with my crappy four year old phone which struggles to do basic tasks. My wife has an equally archaic device, so I’m setting myself a rather practical task of winning new smartphones for us.

It’s going to be difficult though. Gadget competitions always attract thousands of entries. This may be an impossible prize to obtain….

A Trip to Paris

parisThis year will be five years since my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Paris. It was great, but my wife was pregnant so she didn’t get to enjoy all the wonderful French wine. I did, but I’m not allowed to go on about it. Insensitive, or something. Also, a catastrophic hard drive failure on our return meant that we lost all but one of our honeymoon pictures.

Wishlist prize number two is therefore a Trip to Paris, to relive our honeymoon, drink wine (together) and take lots of photos which we’ll store safely!

A Shop Voucher

Love-to-Shop-VouchersYou remember when the ultimate prize was a trolley dash? You would get a minute in a shop to run around with a trolley and whatever you grabbed you could keep? Well, you don’t get them anymore. The closest thing nowadays is the shop voucher.

It seems like every other competition is giving away a shopping voucher for John Lewis, Marks and Spencers or Love2Shop. I reckon that would be a lot of fun. Roaming around the virtual aisles of the online shop, filling up your trolley, and no time restriction! So, wishlist item number three is a voucher for a shop.

These are all quite standard things that compers would like to win. Nothing too unusual there.

A Glamping / Treehouse break

Luxury-Tree-House-Accommodation-e1357236512980Those things look so much fun. Glorious wooden lodges in the middle of a forest What a great break that would be!

Dark Skies Trip

I’ve seen a couple of places giving away prizes to parks that have no light pollution and offer amazing views of the stars. What brilliant pictures you’d be able to take.

A Decent Digital SLR Camera

I went from a small digital handheld camera to a Panasonic Bridge camera and it’s whetted my appetite for a proper camera. One of these things as a prize? I’m dribbling at the thought…

So, there’s my wishlist for 2015. I’ll revisit it at certain times during the year and see how I get on. It’s fairly ambitious, so I don’t have tremendously high hopes.

Things I’m not bothered about winning

happy_horsePet prizes. A TV. Week long holidays for Two (can’t take kids? Not practical just now). Make-up (I’m a bloke). DVDs and Blu-rays. Tea. Wow, there are a bazillion tea competitions at any given point. A voucher for Go Ape! You’re not getting me on one of those things!

And horse prizes. I believe I’ve made this perfectly clear in the past.


What’s on your wishlist? GOOD LUCK FOR 2015!

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