This has been a good year for Looking for the Postman.

The blog has flourished and turned into something which I’m very proud of.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive many kind & complimentary comments, emails and twitter / Facebook messages from both readers and people that I’ve worked with. I’ve also seen the website crawl up blog charts (yes, there are such things) to the point where I’m in the top 10 dad bloggers chart. Puts a little grin on my face 🙂

There are some posts of which I’m particularly proud this year. Here are a some which I would like to highlight, from January to June, in case you missed them-

Dad Makes Up Silly Things To Do

Silly Things - The Floor is On Fire

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make up silly games for my kids to play. This post was about how we got on!
Link :

The 5 Reasons I Hate Soft Play Centres

Soft play areas are, to this father’s mind, a circle of hell. They are padded death-traps with third rate character costumes, over-priced beverages and a higher price-per-hour fee than a Monte Carlo casino.

This post gives the top 5 reasons why I can’t stand these little centres of bedlam.


Guide to Impending Dadhood

I wrote a four part guide for new dads covering Pregnancy, The Birth, Having a Baby and Toddling.

Written from the heart, I hope some of this info can be helpful for some poor fellas out there!

Dad. Separated Dad. Stepdad.

Dad. Seperated Dad. Stepdad.

I’m a Dad. A Separated Dad. A Stepdad. What’s the difference?

This post attempted to detail what it was like being different sorts of dad.

Becoming A Dad At 40

I became a dad for the third time at age 40. I wrote about it back in May in this post here.

The Longest of Days

A Long Day

Our youngest daughter had surgery on her neck back in June. It made for an extremely long day.

Bullying, Assault and the Police


On the afternoon before my birthday party, I ended up at the police station after my son was assaulted by another school child. I wrote about it here.

The first six months family life were pretty busy, as the above shows. I’ve skipped past my failed attempts to lose weight because I sound like a stuck record on that topic! Maybe the second half of the year will have more news on that front…….