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It has been a long while since I wrote about competition statistics. Historically, stats have been a big part of this site. There were often long, uninteresting nonsense posts containing details of numbers that could interest nobody but me. You’ll be delighted to know, then, that this is another one of those posts.

The end of September is a good time to look at competition stats of the year so far. Month-wise, you’re 75% of the way through the year. It’s prior to the seasonal Halloween / Christmas competition rush. What better time to reflect before things go mad. (I have another upcoming post about the Advents which will impart some advice on how to deal with said madness.)

So, here we are. The Looking for the Postman Three-Quarters of the Way Through 2015 Stats Review! (fanfare)

statsBy the end of September, I’d entered 6,360 competitions. That’s a huge dip on the figures for 2014. By this point last year I’d entered a far more impressive 10,453 competitions. The drop in the figures is generally down to two factors. Being more choosy about competitions entered and ditching (most) Twitter comps.

So what is the effect of the 40% drop in entries?

This year, I won 15 competitions during the period January to September. Last years, for the same period, I won 16 competitions.

So, last year, I was winning 1 competition for every 653 that I entered. This year, I’m winning 1 for every 424 entered. An increase of 54%. Result!

While a total of 15 wins over nine months looks like 1 win every 18 days, the reality is far different. Eight of this year’s wins arrived in January! That means that I’ve had three months this year with no wins whatsoever. There have been plenty of droughts.

In terms of prizes, the total value of the wins comes to a relatively modest £824.74. The highest value win was a £250 Virgin Experience voucher. The lowest was a £12 packet of highlighter pens. The best win was a case of mixed craft ales from Beer52. Drool.

There is another reason why it’s good to collate stats to the end of September. It puts into context just how crazy the end of the year is for compers. Again, the Advents are to blame.

In last December alone, I entered 3, 485 competitions. That’s more than I entered in the first six months of this year. It’s clear that there’s a spike at the end of the year and it probably accounts for all the prizes I won in January.

While the stats suggest that, so far this year, I’ve been far more productive than in 2014, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels more like it’s been very slow. Ignoring January’s haul, Feb to Sept brought just 7 wins. 7 wins in 8 months. That’s poor.

Is that luck? Who knows. I do think that there has been a noticeable increase in compers who are active in online communities. Perhaps there has been an increase in people entering comps and we all win less. Have you noticed a drop in wins? Is it just a dry year?

I’ll have another look at the whole of 2015’s stats in early January. How excited are you about that?!

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