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Checking out Snapfish and their hard back photo album.

I’m taking a photo a day, all year, and posting them week by week. This is week seven!

A visit on a special Dino Dig Day, told in Instagram Photos.

Week two of photos taken every day. More pics next Thursday.

I love my annoying Panasonic DMC-LZ20 camera. That sums up how I feel about it. The DMC-LZ20 is a ‘bridge’ camera. That means it’s not quite a full, proper camera (a DSLR) but it’s slightly more tweakable than your normal digital camera. It bridges the gap between the two different types, hence the name. Now, …

The idea of the 365 project – taking a photo a day for the whole year – is one that excites me. And so, the New Year begins and I jump on the bandwagon. Here, then, are the first week’s photos. Next 7 next Thursday. You should do this too. It’s a lot of fun.