Week One – A Photo A Day

The idea of the 365 project – taking a photo a day for the whole year – is one that excites me. And so, the New Year begins and I jump on the bandwagon. Here, then, are the first week’s photos.

New Year's Day
New Year’s Day. An opportunistic shot in Johnstone, Renfrewshire.
Tunnel. Eve, the shy one, wrapped up and playing at the park.
Glasses. Jenny in one of many crazy moments.
Ice Cream Van
Ice Cream Van. Right next to the local recycling centre is an industrial plot used for storing Ice Cream Vans. The juxtaposition between the dank surroundings and the coloured vans made me stop to take a snap.
Lamppost and Friend
Lamppost and Friend. Lampposts are such interesting things to take photos of, especially when experimenting with shutter speeds. This speed revealed a tenant of the lamppost – the spiderweb.
Boat. Bought from a local shop on a holiday to Arran.
Candlelight. Experimenting with different candlelights and settings. This was my favourite.

Next 7 next Thursday. You should do this too. It’s a lot of fun.

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