One of my New Years Resolutions was to make up games for my youngest kids. Silly things to do, every day.

We’ve done quite well so far. Here’s some of the nonsense things we’ve done.


Silly Things - The Floor is On Fire

Simple one, this. The floor is on fire. It’s lava. Actually, it’s lava-plus. It’s laser lava. If you touch it, you’re instantly zapped.

Luckily, the cushions are made of a material that is impervious to such terrible threats. So is the sofa. For some unexplained reason, it’s imperative that you face certain death to make it to the kitchen and back.

The second time you make the journey, there are less cushions. Why would dad do this to us?! Because it’s fun.

This took no time at all to set up and the girls want to play this all the time!



Be a cow trying to blow bubbles with bubblegum.

Be a flamingo eating beans on toast.

Be a fish trying to cross the road.

Be a tortoise trying to get on the train and buy a ticket to Glasgow.

You get the idea. It’s fun for them and hilarious for me. It’s utter nonsense too.


The girls already make up their own nursery rhymes and songs, usually involving somebody doing a ‘pump’. They will giggle for ages over that wordplay genius.

Twonkle Twonkle is a song game but a bit different. They have to sing a song in the lowest voice that they can. Ultra baritone. It gets it’s name from what Twinkle Twinkle sounds like if you do it as low as you can.



The rules for this one is complex, so pay attention. What you have to do in “Build a Robot” is build a robot. Cool?

The girls designed buttons, ears and meters (still to be fixed on), Jack built a backpack, Emma did the shoes and Daddy did the head. Actually a whole big bunch of fun that got everyone involved and was made with stuff we had lying around.

A serious note, I suppose, just to point out that all these games and activities cost absolutely nothing. They made the kids stupidly happy and occupied for ages. It really was all about using imagination and things we had to hand, and it worked a treat.

I’ll document more Silly Things To Do in the coming months.