Mini Weekend Box – A Review

The Weekend Box Club is a great idea. Jam-pack a box full of all the ingredients you need to create fun stuff over one weekend.

Andy Stephenson came up with the idea of making an activity for kids that was both fun and developed key life skills. Activities fit into one of four categories:

• Something to Make (arts & crafts)
• Something to Bake (cooking activities)
• Something to Explore (sensory exploration activities) and
• Something Green (things to plant or up-cycle)

The Mini Weekend Box applies the same principle, but with two activities, in a box small enough to fit through your letterbox and for only £4.95.

The Weekend Box Club sent me through a Mini Weekend Box for a review. We received the Rainforest themed box.


It’s probably the most colourful piece of mail I’ve ever received. The box opened up to reveal paper & card, an illustrated box and two sealed packets. The kids were immediately hooked.

One of the packs opened up to reveal a mask kit. The plan for the mask was quite detailed (which is just as well when you consider I’m useless with stuff like this!). We all took turns in making the mask. I did the cutting out, Jenny and Eve stuck the mask together.


The mask was made and the kids loved it. The great thing about the supplies is that there was loads of material left over. Both kids had enough stuff that they both made another mask!

The second packet was a ‘Something Green’ activity. It consisted of two dried soil tablets, a small collection of three seeds and a bit of string. You also need an empty plastic bottle and scissors.


We put everything together following the instructions and it worked with a bit of futtering about. Unless I missed it though, I don’t know what the seeds were. What kind of seeds were they? As I write this, I’m beginning to worry about what I’ve planted on the kitchen window-ledge. Triffids? Something illegal? Japanese knotweed? Time will tell.

The few hours it took up were a good laugh. The kids loved it. I would recommend it completely for any kid who’s even slightly creative (aren’t they all?).


  1. 6 February 2016

    Wow that’s an amazing price for all that. So convenient to having it all delivered and not having to hunt round the house for various things. Thanks for sharing I will look into it x

  2. 6 February 2016

    Wow that’s an amazing price for all that. So convenient to having it all delivered and not having to hunt round the house for various things. Thanks for sharing this review, I will look into it x

  3. 6 February 2016

    aw fab we could do with this as the weather is so poor at the moment and when you have 6 kids stuck indoors your forever thinking of things to keep them entertained

  4. 6 February 2016

    Loving the look of the box and how creative and fun it is for familie to dig into. I hope you have planted something nice lol

    • 7 February 2016

      Me too! The plant part of the pack is a great idea. It keeps them curious long after it was made.

  5. 6 February 2016

    what a great idea to keep the kiddies amused! Whenever we have a quiet weekend I will definitely look into these!

  6. This is such a great idea, especially when you’re stuck for things to do at the weekend and don’t want to leave the house! £4.95 is a good price too.

  7. 6 February 2016

    Aw this is something I have not come across before. Definitely keeping a note of that!

  8. 6 February 2016

    This does look so good – Pickle would love to get involved now he is a bit older. Kaz x

  9. 7 February 2016

    That looks fantastic, certainly going to give this a try

    • 7 February 2016

      Remember to use the code above!

  10. 10 February 2016

    Ooh this box looks fab 🙂 We tried The Weekend Box when it first started and wasn’t very impressed with it, but it looks like it’s improved a lot since then.

    Louise x

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