New Year’s Resolutions 2016!

I’m quite excited by my resolutions this year, which I suppose should help a great deal in realising them. None of them have been grudgingly adopted. The fact that this is the first time I’ve made such things public should also add the ‘shame’ factor should I fail to keep them up.

Here, then, are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

bike25km A Week On An Exercise Bike

People who exercise could justifiably scoff at this target. I imagine many people will be able to do this in one session without tasking themselves. I can’t and, as described here, exercise and I aren’t even on nodding terms.

While I have recently made some efforts to remedy this, a combination of poor discipline and succumbing to colds have knocked my resolve.

So what better time than New Year to renew my pledge to get fit and hone my frame to that of a chiselled Adonis?

My resolution is therefore to travel a distance of at least 25km per week on my exercise bike and with the assistance of the wonderful My Virtual Mission. Bring on the burn!

res16jeA Game A Day

This is a fun one. My two youngest, Jenny and Eve, and aged 4 and 3 respectively. Together, we’ve imagined our way into outer space on our rocket / sofa and battled intergalactic fiends. Tremendous fun.

This year, I’m going to pursue this. Every day, we are going to invent a brand new game and then play it. They won’t be complex games and there won’t necessarily be winners. I imagine they will be along the lines of “act like a tortoise trying to get on the train and buy a ticket to Glasgow”. Not the sort of games that you can buy in the shops.

I will try to keep a note of the games we come up with and periodically list them on the site. Let the games begin…

Photos of the Week

I am looking forward to this resolution. I will take a photo every day of 2016 for the blog, and upload them as weekly posts. Living in the West of Scotland and having so much beautiful scenery on my doorstep is inspiration enough. My journey to work involves a walk across the centre of Glasgow and there’s plenty to document there. Plus, general family life gives me plenty of subject matter to capture. And cooking! Loads of inspiration.

So, my resolution is to join the photo a day / 365 photo movement and snap away!


So, in another life, I had a career doing music production for other people. I’ve let this particular interest slide in recent times. My final resolution for 2016 is to get back into a creative mode musically. Like any creative outlet, a rest / break can be a good thing. Who knows, I may make something listenable!

If you do want to hear my previous noodlings, you’ll need to check out It’s awesome!


I will post a wishlist of things I’d like to win in 2016 soon. My resolution, however, is to be more wise about the competitions that I enter. Quality, not quantity. My prizes towards the end of the year came as much from googling for competitions as using the listing sites. Clever comping reaps rewards.

So those are my resolutions, along with the ongoing desire to get the family outside as much as possible, weather permitting.

What about your resolutions? Broken any yet?!

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